How to privately share photos with Cooliris Groups

Cooliris already lets you view your photos from 20 sources. But what if you want to share photos you discover more privately, with a select group of people? Well, the Cooliris groups feature is perfect for that. You can create a closed group with a customizable number of participants, all of whom can contribute their unique media and message content.

It’s easy to start a private group

Just launch the Cooliris app and you’ll find the “Groups” window right there on the homepage.

1. Start a new group by tapping the pen and paper icon at the top righthand corner. When the group window appears, you can add members to it by typing their email addresses, selecting them from your Facebook friends list, or a combination of both. Optionally, customize your group with a title.

2. To capture photos or upload those from your device, just tap the camera icon. Drop in as many photos as you like and even type a comment to describe to your friends what you’re sharing.

3. Just tap the “done” icon in the top right corner and you will have created a group. It’s as easy as that. Your new group will appear in the list of groups you are a part of.

Sharing between groups and sources

With groups you can share photos from any source to anyone you wish. For example, say you want to share multiple photos you found from multiple sources like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, all to one small subset of friends.

1. Go into any source within Cooliris and select your desired photos from the 3D wall by tapping them.

2. Tap and select the photos you want to share from that source

3. Select the group you want to add these to, and they will immediately appear there! Add photos from another source to same group, just repeat the steps above.

Sharing via Cooliris groups is tons a fun and saves you time. Play around with it and you’ll discover the amazing ease with which you can now share from any of your sources with those close to you.

Download Cooliris to begin sharing your photos privately in groups. 

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Posted on 3rd February 2014

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  • Submit your Earth Day photos to #Coolearth to raise awareness

    April 22, 2013, a billion people around the world will come together to take part in Earth Day, creating awareness about climate change and its impact on our lives and those around us. 

    To express our solidarity with the organisations, communities and individuals across the globe calling to protect our planet, Cooliris will create a mesmerizing collection of photographs that highlights problems we face as result of climate change. 

    We invite you to take part. Tell your stories by submitting photographs to us between now and next Monday. We’ll pick the best ones and display them through our social media channels and our blog post on April 22.

    To submit your Earth Day photos, just post them through Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with the hashtag #Coolearth.


    To learn more about other ways you can contribute on Earth Day, click here.


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    Posted on 16th April 2013

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  • New features in Google Drive make organizing photos a breeze

    Organizing and viewing your photos in Google Drive is now easier than ever. We added several features with our update yesterday – if you are a Google Drive user, you should check them out!


    When you think of organizing your photos, you think of being slouched over your computer and tediously dragging and dropping photos into their proper places. Or perhaps, you’re simply too busy to bother. Now, there’s a better way to organize your photos. With the new Cooliris update, you can sit back and relax on your couch with a good cup of coffee and your iPad, and get the job done with ease and flair.


    In the new version, you can not only bulk save multiple photos from any source to Google Drive, but also easily save them into existing Google Drive folders or create new ones on the fly. Then, when you are viewing Google Drive in the Cooliris app, you can easily find your photos in your folders within seconds.

    With the new Cooliris update, you can finish saving, organizing and sharing all your photos before your coffee gets cold. Get it now in the iTunes App Store!


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    Posted on 5th April 2013

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  • We are getting major momentum in Asia: Cooliris gets the media buzzing

    The press has spoken; they absolutely love Cooliris and its gang. And this is how we show our appreciation for all the support they have given us; by honoring them all with a post on our website. And of course, for our readers, to find the news about Cooliris all in one place.
    As the world prepares for the ominous ides of March, we here quite enjoyed the popularity this month brought for us. At the outset was an epic article written by Robin Wauters titled:

    Here are 600 million reasons to replace the Photos app on your iPad with Cooliris

    Writing for TheNextWeb, Wauters summarizes the Cooliris journey and the milestones it has achieved on the way. In fact it was a great compliment to read that he has replaced  the Photo’ app on his iPad. In his own words, “ I’ve replaced the Photos app on my iPad 2 to see if it’s an adequate alternative, and was pleasantly surprised” . The best part is the article was shared 4784 times so far.  You can read the rest of what Wauters said about us here:

    But it wasn’t all play at the Cooliris HQ, as our team headed by CEO Soujanya Bhumkar left for a tour to Asia. First on their itinerary was the bustling Japanese city of Tokyo. Cooliris being super popular in Japan, with our second highest downloads coming from there, it was no surprise how responsive the tech media was to us. One of the most popular tech writers in Japan, Techdoll, tweeted about us to her thousands of followers and Techwave Japan organized an interview with our CEO and other editors. Rick Martin of the ever popular Start-up Dating Japan had this to write after a sit-down with Soujanya;

    “ Catching up with the CoolIris team in Tokyo”

    Next stop was the effervescent South Korea. The media was buzzing with the idea of interviewing the Cooliris team. Each media outlet contacted was eager to send their reporters for a meeting with the Cooliris team. Language was not a barrier, it was their enthusiasm that made for excellent press. The first morning our team was met by the popular ZDNet, whose article can be found here:

    Korea’s number one IT Trade paper, The Electronic Times, also featured Cooliris

    It was a busy morning with Korea’s number one Economic Paper, The Maeil Economic Newspaper had their time with the team as well:

    Known as one of Korea’s most popular tech news sites, Bloter.Net also took the time out to meet with our team

    It was a busy first day, but there was no stopping the media in Korea. The next day, Korea’s oldest and largest English news publication, The Korea Times, sat down for an interview with our CEO:

    It has been a great few weeks for Cooliris in the media and we humbled by the coverage we have gotten, especially from across the shores. It just gives us the impetus to work harder and come out with ever cooler updates for everyone to enjoy.

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    Posted on 17th March 2013

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