Get the newest BeamIt - now with Friend Discovery!

Today, we released a new update for BeamIt with a few nifty features to make your messaging life even easier. Go get it right now!

Friend Discovery
Now with friend discovery, you can see which of your friends are using BeamIt and easily message them with one tap. When you get the update, make sure to allow access to your contacts so that we can do the magic for you and show you your friends!


Direct message group members

If you go into your group details, you can now tap on any of the group members and immediately message them directly. No more having to compose and type in their names!


Hope you enjoy the new update. Send feedback or questions to us at - we’d love to hear from you!

BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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Posted on 28th July 2014

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  • #LetsBeamIt: A stunning communication experience for people on the road

    No matter where you are in the world, be it deep in the woods, up in the mountains, or out in the canyons - using our new app BeamIt lets you share your experiences privately with your groups of fellow adventurers, friends, or family. Unlike other messaging apps, where you usually share only a handful of photos at a time, with the unique interface we’ve created in BeamIt you can share an unlimited number of breathtaking high resolution photos without having to worry about “clogging” the conversation.


    Another really cool feature is the Photo Wall, which is a special photo centric interface where you can browse the entire group’s photos separately in one place.


    Lastly, BeamIt also features a full offline experience, so even while offline you can add content that the app will automatically sync once it’s online. This is very useful for all you jetlagged travelers out there getting on and off long flights and going online and offline intermittently.  

    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 11th July 2014

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  • #LetsBeamIt: A new private sharing experience for families!


    Gone are the days when Mom had to worry about photo privacy, constantly wondering who exactly and how many people could see the photos she posted to Facebook. Luckily, BeamIt by Cooliris is finally here with the solution! Our new private messaging app combines a stunning photo sharing experience with fun and easy messaging features. While BeamIt retains many of the classic and favorite social networking features such as the ability to comment & “like”, you never have to actually log in to any social network. The app is designed strictly for private groups that you create yourself. This means you control exactly who sees your photos, so you can share pictures of the family securely and even to multiple different groups at once!


    Whether you want to share hundreds of photos from a family vacation or just a few from another day at the park with your kids, BeamIt is the perfect place to do it. With BeamIt’s Photo Drawers, you can easily share hundreds of photos in one upload, all in full resolution, without interrupting the flow of the conversation.


    Finally, Mom can share and comment those funny bathtub photos of her kids without the whole world having to see them! :)

    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 10th July 2014

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  • How to privately share photos with Cooliris Groups

    Cooliris already lets you view your photos from 20 sources. But what if you want to share photos you discover more privately, with a select group of people? Well, the Cooliris groups feature is perfect for that. You can create a closed group with a customizable number of participants, all of whom can contribute their unique media and message content.

    It’s easy to start a private group

    Just launch the Cooliris app and you’ll find the “Groups” window right there on the homepage.

    1. Start a new group by tapping the pen and paper icon at the top righthand corner. When the group window appears, you can add members to it by typing their email addresses, selecting them from your Facebook friends list, or a combination of both. Optionally, customize your group with a title.

    2. To capture photos or upload those from your device, just tap the camera icon. Drop in as many photos as you like and even type a comment to describe to your friends what you’re sharing.

    3. Just tap the “done” icon in the top right corner and you will have created a group. It’s as easy as that. Your new group will appear in the list of groups you are a part of.

    Sharing between groups and sources

    With groups you can share photos from any source to anyone you wish. For example, say you want to share multiple photos you found from multiple sources like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, all to one small subset of friends.

    1. Go into any source within Cooliris and select your desired photos from the 3D wall by tapping them.

    2. Tap and select the photos you want to share from that source

    3. Select the group you want to add these to, and they will immediately appear there! Add photos from another source to same group, just repeat the steps above.

    Sharing via Cooliris groups is tons a fun and saves you time. Play around with it and you’ll discover the amazing ease with which you can now share from any of your sources with those close to you.

    Download Cooliris to begin sharing your photos privately in groups. 

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    Posted on 3rd February 2014

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