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Cupid strikes again this year as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day today. Walk through malls, restaurants, coffee shops and stores, all you will see is a blanket of red color. From tiny nuances to large drapery, all shades of red will be the order of the day. As you make your way throughout the day, visiting different parts of your city or town, make sure to snap these beautiful adornments to add to your photo collection. Who knows, at some point when you need décor ideas, you could always access these photos via Cooliris and thank your lucky stars that you didn’t miss the opportunity to take these momentous snaps.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day has become a norm on the 14th of February ever year, whether you are single or attached. Couples surprise each other by making breakfast in bed, spoiling their spouse with chocolates, filling the house with aromatic red roses and ending the day with a candle light dinner. These are moments you want to treasure forever and the best way to do so is to capture them in your phone. These moments turn into precious treasures as time goes by, with the tap of the Cooliris button, you can relive what you did on Valentine’s Day, every day of the year. Look through all your wonderful pictures in our amazing 3D wall and bring a smile to your face. For those who are unattached, celebrate your singledom by having a crazy night out with your friends. Don’t forget to click and record those memories, who knows you might look at those photos a few years down the road and laugh at the crazy times you had.

We, here at Cooliris plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day together with our whole crew and embed those memories forever in our minds and of course our iPhones. Make memories this year with Cooliris and share the love with us as well. Send your special photographs to your family and friends to celebrate this day with them too.


From all of us at Cooliris, help spread the love and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Posted on 14th February 2013

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