Cooliris Demo’s at GMIC Silicon Valley 2013

GMIC, the largest independent mobile conference in the Silicon Valley, took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week. And as luck had it, we at Cooliris were stoked to have a booth there to chat up with new and old friends from the mobile and tech space.

Our week started at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, as we left our cozy offices in Palo Alto and headed north through the fog to San Francisco. With a full arsenal of iPads demoing the latest version of our popular Cooliris app, along with various goodies and handouts (see photo below, they are pretty awesome), our booth was a big hit from the get-go, drawing the attention of countless visitors.

Many conference attendees were naturally already snapping tons of pictures around the conference and the beautiful city center right outside. So, it was no wonder that many found the conversations feature of the Cooliris app indispensable. Our conversations feature enabled attendees to instantaneously share their experience via photos and text with co-workers and friends. Our app’s new slick modern design, which complements iOS 7’s recent redesign, also received sweet feedback.

The tempo and frenzy at our booth grew as our team and our CEO Soujanya Bhumkar interacted with reporters, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike.

Needless to say, we had a great time at GMIC, We would like once again to thank everyone who stopped by the Cooliris booth.

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Posted on 30th October 2013

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  • We are getting major momentum in Asia: Cooliris gets the media buzzing

    The press has spoken; they absolutely love Cooliris and its gang. And this is how we show our appreciation for all the support they have given us; by honoring them all with a post on our website. And of course, for our readers, to find the news about Cooliris all in one place.
    As the world prepares for the ominous ides of March, we here quite enjoyed the popularity this month brought for us. At the outset was an epic article written by Robin Wauters titled:

    Here are 600 million reasons to replace the Photos app on your iPad with Cooliris

    Writing for TheNextWeb, Wauters summarizes the Cooliris journey and the milestones it has achieved on the way. In fact it was a great compliment to read that he has replaced  the Photo’ app on his iPad. In his own words, “ I’ve replaced the Photos app on my iPad 2 to see if it’s an adequate alternative, and was pleasantly surprised” . The best part is the article was shared 4784 times so far.  You can read the rest of what Wauters said about us here:

    But it wasn’t all play at the Cooliris HQ, as our team headed by CEO Soujanya Bhumkar left for a tour to Asia. First on their itinerary was the bustling Japanese city of Tokyo. Cooliris being super popular in Japan, with our second highest downloads coming from there, it was no surprise how responsive the tech media was to us. One of the most popular tech writers in Japan, Techdoll, tweeted about us to her thousands of followers and Techwave Japan organized an interview with our CEO and other editors. Rick Martin of the ever popular Start-up Dating Japan had this to write after a sit-down with Soujanya;

    “ Catching up with the CoolIris team in Tokyo”

    Next stop was the effervescent South Korea. The media was buzzing with the idea of interviewing the Cooliris team. Each media outlet contacted was eager to send their reporters for a meeting with the Cooliris team. Language was not a barrier, it was their enthusiasm that made for excellent press. The first morning our team was met by the popular ZDNet, whose article can be found here:

    Korea’s number one IT Trade paper, The Electronic Times, also featured Cooliris

    It was a busy morning with Korea’s number one Economic Paper, The Maeil Economic Newspaper had their time with the team as well:

    Known as one of Korea’s most popular tech news sites, Bloter.Net also took the time out to meet with our team

    It was a busy first day, but there was no stopping the media in Korea. The next day, Korea’s oldest and largest English news publication, The Korea Times, sat down for an interview with our CEO:

    It has been a great few weeks for Cooliris in the media and we humbled by the coverage we have gotten, especially from across the shores. It just gives us the impetus to work harder and come out with ever cooler updates for everyone to enjoy.

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    Posted on 17th March 2013

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  • 5 tips to help you take better photos with your phone’s camera

    Everyone is taking photos with their mobile phones these days, especially now that the camera quality has gotten so great!


    Being a photo app company means that we’re constantly taking photos everyday. Here are 5 questions that you can ask yourself when you are capturing photo memories to make them even better, before you share them in Cooliris afterwards! ;)

    1. What story are you telling? 

    Before you take your photo, it is very important that you have a clear idea what you want to show in the photo. What is your goal with the shot? What do you want to capture and deliver to people viewing the photo? Is there something that you want to discuss while showing the photo? Keep this in mind and it will help you with the right framing and composition of the photo.

    2. What is the background and foreground?

    This is important for your composition. If you want to point out an object in the foreground, like in a portrait shot, make sure your background is not distracting from that. If your background is very colorful or attention-grabbing, a tilt-shift or depth of field filter may help in defocusing the background. Here is how to do it with Instagram.

    3. Do you have enough light?

    With phone cameras, this can be especially tricky when there is not enough light. Make sure you have a main source of light that is strong enough to light up your subject. In low light situations, stabilize your camera to make sure your shot doesn’t get blurry.

    4. What is the best time for an outdoor shot? 

    The best outdoor shots with phone cameras are usually taken during sunrise or sunset. Since the light is smoother during that time, it gives your subject the best exposure. During noon the sun is very high, so your subjects will look washed out and flat. Also, the shadows will have high contrast.  

    5. Are the lines straight?

    If you are taking landscape shots, make sure the horizon is not sloping. With the iPhone camera you can activate grid view to help, which you find in the camera screen under “Options”. 


    Once you take your great shot, you’ll probably want to share it with people who share your passion or the memories you captured. For that, we can provide you the best solution – the Cooliris app. :)

    Let us know if you have other tips for taking better photos to share with the community. We might even feature you on a guest post!

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    Posted on 5th March 2013

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  • "The best camera is the one you have with you!"

    We found this awesome article by @RealMichaelToye with tips on how to take great photos with your phone. So of course, we wanted to share it with you!

    He recommends a lot of good ways to fix photo composition and easily edit after shooting. His tricks are simple, but sure to make your pictures stand out!

    For example, the “Rule of Thirds” suggests that you divide your screen into 3 parts, then set the object of interest off-center in your screen. An exception to this is for symmetrical shots - when you want everything to be completely balanced.

    Check out Michael’s full article here:

    And then send us your best mobile shots by using the tag #SIC - Stunning In Cooliris on Twitter. We would love to see them!

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    Posted on 12th November 2012

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  • All-new update for the Cooliris app

    Whats new stamp cooliris Thanks for making the all-new Cooliris the #1 free iPad app in over 80 countries in the Lifestyle category. It’s been an incredible 4 weeks already since we launched the new app, and we’re really excited about the amazing feedback that we’ve gotten from all of our users.

    Today, we have an update (v.2.1) for the new Cooliris that incorporates some of the user feedback and feature requests. Download it now, and check it out.

    Captions captions captions!

    Photos now include more detailed information like name, caption, time, place, and the number of likes and comments on them!  It makes photo discovery from your mobile library, Facebook and Instagram even more engaging.  It’s now also super easy to jump out to the original Facebook or Instagram page containing the photo, where you can comment or like the photo.

    Google Image search options

    In Google Image search, you now have the flexibility to customize your search settings. You can filter images by size and jump to the original web page containing the image. Google Images SafeSearch settings are also now available.

    There’s much more to come, including adding more sources of media. Please keep your feedback coming our way at, and don’t forget to download and rate the app in the App Store!

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    Posted on 22nd August 2012

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  • All your favorite sources and Google Images too

    Whats new stamp coolirisWe know that everyone searches Google Images, so we figured, why not be able to search any image on the Cooliris 3D Wall. Check out some of these CoolTips for browsing Google Images on Cooliris:

    Browse Anything

    Monet, the newest Ferrari, food porn? Browse any and all of the above with Google Images on Cooliris. As always the photos will be visualized on the Cooliris 3D wall, where you can swipe, pinch, and zoom until you find just the right one.

    Save for Later

    Save any images from Google Images to your mobile library. Either hold down on the image or tap the button in the upper right. Then save all the images to your camera roll to view, use, and share later.

    Save and Share

    Have a Cooliris Conversation with your buddies about the coolest new cars? Search for the new Bugatti Veyron and save to your library, then share into the conversation. Have the ultimate conversation with messages and photos around any topic.

    This and much more with the all-new Cooliris App for iPhone and iPad, now free in the App Store. And if you haven’t already. like us on FB and follow us on Twitter for more CoolTips!

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    Posted on 2nd August 2012

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  • Let Photos Bring Your Conversations to Life

    Whats New Cooliris StampWith Cooliris we wanted to make sure you could not only view all your favorite photos in a beautiful way, but also share them with the people who matter most. Send photos of your kids to their grandparents, start a group conversation around awesome street art you spot, or create a conversation around last night’s party, including your own and those from Facebook. There are endless possibilities for sharing. Check out some new CoolTips about Conversations in Cooliris:

    Conversations made beautiful

    Cooliris lets you easily share photos from your Library, Facebook, and Instagram to private one-on-one or close-knit group conversations, or if you’d like, more broadly to Facebook. Within a conversation, all your shared photos will appear in a beautiful collage. You can also add messages and links to create a true dialogue around a topic or set of photos.

    Batch upload as many photos as you want to a conversation, and invite as many friends as possible! It’s easy to start a conversation because Cooliris autofills from your Facebook Friends and Address Book when selecting someone to invite.

    An unparalleled web experience

    One of the things we think is awesome about Cooliris is that you can create a conversation with anyone. Even if your friends don’t have Cooliris, they will still be able to experience conversations through the web and will receive an email complete with photos and text when they are invited to a conversation. Thus any of your friends and family who might not be the most tech savvy, can still open an email and see an entire Cooliris conversation, complete with all the photos from your conversation.

    View all the photos within a conversation on the 3D Wall

    If you have a ton of photos already in a conversation, just tap and you can view all the photos shared on the Cooliris 3D Wall. Swipe, zoom, and pinch to view all your photos in stunning high-res. You can also share any of the photos into another conversation or to Facebook.

    Save anyone’s photos to your photo library and share via facebook

    You can also save anyone’s photos within a Conversation to your mobile Library. Either hold down on a photo within a conversation and press save, or enter the 3D wall and select multiple photos to save. Now if you miss out on photos from a birthday, night out, or trip, you can save all of those memories!

    What’re you waiting for? Go download Cooliris in the App Store and start a conversation now!

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    Posted on 1st August 2012

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  • You’ve never seen your Instagrams like this…

    Whats New Cooliris StampLast week we introduced the #NewCooliris app for iPhone and iPad — social discovery for photos, all in one place. And as iPhone photography fanatics here at the office, there was no way we could say we included all your favorite photo sources without adding Instagram! Check out these CoolTips about using Instagram on Cooliris:

    View Instagrams like never before

    Browse all your Instagrams on the stunning Cooliris 3D wall, or larger and in high-res by tapping to zoom or double-tapping to enter full-screen view. See all your beautiful photos and filters bigger, brighter and clearer — we know you’ll be saying WOW!

    Additionally, you can browse all your different Instagram photos, including your Feed with those you follow, Popular, and your personal Instagrams. Toggle between the three using the drop-down navigation menu at the top.

    Save any Instagrams to your mobile device

    Ever wish you could save Popular or friends’ photos to your device to keep and browse later? Easily save Instagram photos to your iPhone or iPad with just a tap on the share button in the upper right corner. Select those you love, then just press the save button. After, you can go back and browse your library on the 3D Wall.

    Share them to Facebook, or in conversations

    You can also share a bunch of Instagram photos at once to Facebook and into Conversations without saving the photos to your device. See a set of beautiful photos you want to start a dialogue around? Maybe street art around San Francisco, vintage cars, or some of the newest fashions? Now you can! As always, you can start a conversation with anyone, even if they don’t have Cooliris, and they will still be able to see all the photos.

    Check out these Instagram features and more in the all-new Cooliris app for iPhone and iPad, now available in the App Store. Also, make sure to tell us your favorite #NewCooliris experiences on FB and Twitter, and as always, if you have feedback let us know at 

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    Posted on 30th July 2012

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  • The All-New Facebook experience, brought to you with Cooliris

    Cooliris Stamp Whats NewIn creating the new Cooliris, one of our goals was to take the numerous amounts of media shared on all your different networks and create an easy way to discover and share those photos. That way you can avoid the headache from data overload and instead view all your beautiful photos in one place. Cooliris brings together photos from your favorite sources, including Facebook, Instagram, and your own Camera Roll, all in one fast, fluid, and visually stunning app.

    Let’s check out four of the new features incorporated with Facebook on Cooliris.

    View photos from your News Feed, Tags and Albums on the stunning 3D Wall

    Open up Facebook on Cooliris and you’ll immediately see all the photos from your News Feed, which you can swipe, zoom, and flip through on the 3D Wall. You can also toggle between your personal Albums, Cover Photos, and Photos Tagged of You through the drop down navigation menu at the top of the screen.

    Share any of your Facebook photos into close-knit conversations

    Cooliris allows you to share any of your Facebook photos in private 1-on-1 or group conversations, whether it be from your News Feed or own albums. Now you can have a conversation around any topic or set of photos from multiple networks including Facebook. Select photos by pressing the share button in the upper right and selecting, or by holding down on a photo. Then press the share button again and the Conversations Menu Panel will slide out.

    Share photos by selecting from any existing conversation, or create a new one. When creating a new conversation, Cooliris will autofill will contacts from your Facebook Friends and local Address Book. You can even send to anyone, even if they don’t currently have a Cooliris account.

    Easily save photos from Facebook to your personal library with just a tap

    When you want to save any photo in Facebook, press the Share button in the upper right. Then select all the photos you want to download to your camera roll and click Save. You can also select photos by holding down on an image.

    Batch upload multiple photos at a time to Facebook from your mobile device

    Have several photos from your mobile library or Instagram that you want to upload to Facebook? It’s easy. Just press share, select, and “Share to Facebook” in the Conversations Menu Panel. All the photos will be added to your Facebook Timeline for all your friends to see.

    Enjoy these and many more new features by downloading the all-new Cooliris app for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. Have more feedback? Let us know at, and tell us your favorite #NewCooliris features on FB and Twitter!

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    Posted on 27th July 2012

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  • The new cool is here - Introducing the all-new Cooliris

    Stamp New

    We’re excited to introduce the all-new Cooliris, available now for iPad and iPhone in the App Store. Before going into the details, let’s backtrack so you get the whole picture.

    When we first released the Cooliris 3D Wall as a browser extension in 2008, it enabled a stunning new way to browse media on the desktop, allowing you to consume images, photos and videos from the web like never before. The product was well received by millions and we received tangible feedback from hundreds of thousands of users from around the world. You said the Cooliris Wall was a great way to browse search results for images, to see large sets of photos and videos, and experience galleries embedded by webmasters on their own websites. Bringing the Wall to market was an extraordinary experience for us.

    Simultaneously, an interesting shift was taking place in the landscape. With the introduction and hyperscaling of iOS and Android mobile devices, the world began going mobile, opening up opportunities to experience digital media in a new ways. Handbags and pockets held powerful cameras and phones, and new services enabled everyone to become a photographer. You started posting and publishing beautiful photos to Facebook and Instagram, or just taking them to remember and share, and we were getting started on how we could make the process even better.

    We embraced mobile by being part of something big. We worked closely with Andy Rubin at Google to create the Android Gallery, which became the default native app for Android 2.1 and above.

    Fast forward to present day, and we’re leveraging all our learnings from our past successes and mistakes, and are proud to present to the world today a brand new app for iPad and iPhone. You kept telling us the Cooliris Wall was meant for tablets and mobile phones, and we heard loud and clear.

    The all new Cooliris app is the fast, fluid, and stunning new way to explore, discover, and share photos. We’ve chosen your favorite sources - Facebook, Instagram, Google Images, and of course your personal photo library on your device - and seamlessly combined them into an easy-to-use iPad and iPhone app. You can swipe, zoom, and efficiently navigate through thousands of photos on the Cooliris 3D Wall, then selectively share them with people you care about in private 1-on-1 or group conversations, or publish it to a broader audience by sharing it to your Facebook Timeline.

    Try Cooliris for showcasing your photography collection, sharing personal moments with your family, or simply as a better way to enjoy your favorite photos.

    We’ve had a lot of fun building the all-new Cooliris, and we hope you enjoy discovering, experiencing, and sharing photos as much as we do. We strive to be the best in immersive and visual rich media experiences, and today we are starting the next chapter. Download the all-new Cooliris App for iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store today! To learn more about the app, check out the demo video.

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    Posted on 26th July 2012

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