The New Cooliris, now with groups and a lot more

Just in time for the holiday season, we’re excited to announce the brand new version of Cooliris, now available for you in the iTunes App Store.

This is one our biggest updates yet. Easier private messaging for groups, faster access to your camera, slideshow mode, deep integration with Sina Weibo, and more—it’s all in there.


The new Cooliris makes it super easy for you to share photos and private messages with groups of friends and family, create your own personal collection of photos, and save photos from one source to another, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can now access your camera and start a new group virtually from anywhere in the app, making it a breeze to share on the go. Just tap the profile of any friend from an existing conversation or even select multiple new members from your contact list to add them to a group. It’s hassle-free private sharing.

To expand the vast collection of sources from which you can browse, we’ve also partnered with Sina Weibo, China’s microblogging platform akin to Twitter, with over 500 million user and counting. You can endlessly discover new content from Sina Weibo by tapping any username in the metadata panel, pivot to new walls of content from different users, and even follow people, all from within the app.


Finally, you’ll love our new clean, modern look and feel of the home screen, which even lets you personalize your browsing experience with a customizable background. What’s more, our new slideshow mode allows you to play any of your photos from any source in our signature 3D wall. Sit back and enjoy your favorite photos without moving a finger.

With the new Cooliris, you can now access your photos from 20 photo sources, share them privately or publicly with whomever you want, whenever you want. Check out Cooliris for yourself.

For our users in Japan, Cooliris is also now available in Japanese in the Japan app Store.

Our app works on iPhone and iPad, and is free to download in the iTunes App Store.

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Posted on 2nd December 2013

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  • How to organize photos in Dropbox with Cooliris

    Saving photos from multiple social network accountss to your Dropbox folders is even easier now with Cooliris. You can create new folders in your Dropbox straight from the Cooliris app and even save photos from one Dropbox folder to another for simple photo organization. The best part, you can view all your photos saved in Dropbox in our beautiful 3D wall.

    With Dropbox in Cooliris you continue to enjoy all Dropbox has to offer with extra features only available through the Cooliris app. In Cooliris you can share photos from Dropbox with friends publicly on Facebook or privately through a Cooliris conversation. Once you have synced your Dropbox account to Cooliris you can save, share, and enjoy your Dropbox photos within Cooliris. To save multiple images tap the share button on the top right. Select as many photos as you want and tap the save button to store your images to your camera roll, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    If instead you want to share your images with your friends, tap the share button to share publicly through Facebook or privately by beginning a new conversation.

    In addition to the save and share features available with Dropbox via Cooliris you also are able to browse through your photos on the elegant 3D wall. You can also access all your Dropbox folders from within the app by simply tapping the home button.

    With Dropbox in Cooliris, browsing, organizing, and sharing your Dropbox photos has gotten a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. The latest Cooliris app is available for free on iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Download it here

    Happy photo sharing!

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    Posted on 8th October 2013

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  • New features in Google Drive make organizing photos a breeze

    Organizing and viewing your photos in Google Drive is now easier than ever. We added several features with our update yesterday – if you are a Google Drive user, you should check them out!


    When you think of organizing your photos, you think of being slouched over your computer and tediously dragging and dropping photos into their proper places. Or perhaps, you’re simply too busy to bother. Now, there’s a better way to organize your photos. With the new Cooliris update, you can sit back and relax on your couch with a good cup of coffee and your iPad, and get the job done with ease and flair.


    In the new version, you can not only bulk save multiple photos from any source to Google Drive, but also easily save them into existing Google Drive folders or create new ones on the fly. Then, when you are viewing Google Drive in the Cooliris app, you can easily find your photos in your folders within seconds.

    With the new Cooliris update, you can finish saving, organizing and sharing all your photos before your coffee gets cold. Get it now in the iTunes App Store!


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    Posted on 5th April 2013

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    Bringing the signature Cooliris 3D wall to the iPhone/iPad, partnering up with more sources for your photo aggregation and finally the biggest leap to end 2012 in true Cooliris Style.


    This high-jump was not just across borders but across the Pacific Ocean to the West or across many continents and oceans towards the East; landing Cooliris successfully in the World’s biggest market, China. And, wait for it, it gets even bigger.

    This recap isn’t about the last one year, but only the past 5 months. Because once we start, there is no stopping us from bringing the best experience forward for our users. With each step, we want to revolutionize your photo-viewing moments, turning them into some of the best times of your life.

    As Cooliris took off on its journey, its first stop was bringing the browser version of its app to the tips of your fingers. And yes you can think to yourself and say ‘finally’; that what Techcrunch felt too when we launched. It aptly titled its article “Cooliris brings its 3D Photo Wall to the Ipad. Finally!”. There was no stopping us then.

    The popularity of the app spread like wildfire. Apple termed it Editor’s Choice and it reached a #1 iPad app ranking in 75 countries.


    With the amount of traction, installs and photo views soaring, user comments and words of encouragement egged us on. We began with Facebook, Instagram and iOS camera roll photos in July 2012 and by November we had added on Picasa, Google+ and Flickr. Our amazing dedication to our users didn’t end there; version 2.2 had an integration with Google Drive. All your picture perfect moments could now be saved and accessed from anywhere on your Google Drive via Cooliris. Curation of all your photos was never this easy, now all you need is to tap your fingers and you are on your way.


    Its success in the photo-app world was unstoppable. The tech world was abuzz with chatter about Cooliris:

    “Cooliris is already well on its way to being a household name.” TUAW

    Tech circles from outside the US too were excited about the app, helping Cooliris to spread its wings globally, mapping its name and popularity across the world

    “What do you get when you combine an immersive visual experience with an increasing number of visual sources? Cooliris is just the app you need.” e27

    “For promiscuous photo uploaders who have their images scattered all over the web, the new Cooliris looks like a great way to bring them all together for quick viewing on an iPhone or iPad.” Tech in Asia

    As the melee of comments trickled in from across the world, prompting us to think out of the box, literally, Cooliris began to gear up for its first and biggest ever international localisation. The market chosen was the biggest in terms of smartphone users but the toughest too. December 18, 2012, was epic at the Cooliris HQ. Cooliris successfully launched its integration with Renren, China’s leading real-name social networking service. It came packed with a local language capability for our Chinese users, making their experience truly emphatic. And what a great feat that was! And what a way to usher in the holidays and the new year. The global media went into a frenzy with this launch:

    Social photo discovery just got better in #China with Cooliris’ launch of localised app with #renren integration e27

    Wow what a rollercoaster ride it has been for the past few month. There was a lot to do but we still took out time to have fun, of course in true “Cooliris Style”. The party took us from the Pacific coast all the way to Germany for Oktoberfest.


    And if you think 2012 has been a big year for us, wait for it, 2013 will be even bigger. As we bid farewell to 2012 with a heavy heart, we look forward to 2013 with much excitement and fervor. The holiday cheer seems to have gotten us in the mood to do something even bigger and better for our users who have given us their constant support throughout our eventful journey.

    While you wait for the tricks Cooliris has up its sleeve to unfold in 2013, enjoy this festive season. From the whole Cooliris team, we wish you a very Happy New Year and stay awesome!


    PS. Take lots of photos with ease; you know Cooliris will do the rest of the tedious work for you ;)

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    Posted on 31st December 2012

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  • How do I add Flickr Albums to Cooliris on iPad/iPhone

    Hundreds of geographical miles, thousands of snapshots and millions of memories - all carefully guarded like treasures in your Flickr account. With the new Cooliris app, you can share the love, spread your message and save all those picturesque gems with the click of a few buttons. The Cooliris app now makes life much easier for you; it allows you to share and save photos from your Flickr account onto your phone and/or tablet. No more rummaging through your vast Flickr collection to find your perfect shot or a photo that you have been meaning to save on your desktop: the cascading Cooliris 3D Wall encapsulates all your Flickr photos in one large, easy to maneuver space. So get your phone or tablet out and follow these 6 simple steps to make your life a whole lot easier.

    Step 1: Open the Cooliris app and tap the “+” sign to add a new source.


    Step 2: A list of sources will open up before you. Tap on “Flickr” to add as a source. Note: Step 1 and 2 are only required the first time. Once the source has been added, it will always appear as soon as you open the Cooliris app.


    Step 3: Congrats! You have successfully managed to add Flickr to your sources. It should now be visible on your Cooliris Home Screen.


    Step 4: Tap on the newly added Flickr icon. Lo and behold, all your spectacular Flickr photos will be right in front of your eyes on the Cooliris 3D Wall.


    Step 5: To save or share any of the photos from the 3D wall, simply tap on the photo. It will give you 3 options; share, save to Camera Roll and save to Google Drive. Click on share to send the photo to a conversation in Cooliris or to Facebook, save to Camera Roll to save the photo to your mobile device, or save to Google Drive to back up your photos and access them from any computer.


    Step 6: To save or share multiple photos at one time, tap and hold to select photos from the 3D Wall. Once you are done selecting, tap on the save or share icon in the top right hand corner. Voila! All your selected snapshots are shared or saved in seconds.


    Once you have completed these 6 easy steps, you would have mastered the art of saving and sharing your hard work stored on Flickr. Whether you are a novice photographer, master lensman or just someone who enjoys the good things in life, Cooliris has made your photo sharing experience a whole lot simpler. With just a few taps you are on your way to spreading your magic. Don’t wait - use Cooliris to turn your ideas into a visual slideshow. 

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    Posted on 14th December 2012

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  • Some Cooliris press coverage from the last days

    Since we have gotten a lot of press coverage in the last few days, we want to share the amazing feedback with you here:

    With 250m+ photos viewed, Cooliris updates iOS app, grabs pics from Google Drive, Flickr, others - The Next Web

    Cooliris hits 250M photos viewed, introduces integration with Google Drive - SG Entrepreneurs

    "What do you get when you combine an immersive visual experience with an increasing number of visual sources? Cooliris is just the app you need."e27 - Cooliris expands photo sources to include Picasa, Google+, Google Drive and Flickr

    "Cooliris is already well on its way to being a household name." TUAW - Cooliris passes 250 million photo views, adds more sharing options

    "For promiscuous photo uploaders who have their images scattered all over the web, the new CoolIris looks like a great way to bring them all together for quick viewing on an iPhone or iPad." Tech in Asia - CoolIris App Adds New Photo Sources, Boasts 1.5M Installs

    And we loved the description in this blog:  "This free app was a life-saver, all my pictures were found in just a click of a button."     "The soothing movement of the wall is akin to the pictures swaying to the tunes of Mozart; creative genius."  Chattering Kitchen  Food & Travel Photography Tips: Share Your Treasures via Cooliris

    Have a blog and want to share something about Cooliris? Let us know at and we will get in touch with you to provide you with material.

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    Posted on 3rd December 2012

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