How to privately share photos with Cooliris Groups

Cooliris already lets you view your photos from 20 sources. But what if you want to share photos you discover more privately, with a select group of people? Well, the Cooliris groups feature is perfect for that. You can create a closed group with a customizable number of participants, all of whom can contribute their unique media and message content.

It’s easy to start a private group

Just launch the Cooliris app and you’ll find the “Groups” window right there on the homepage.

1. Start a new group by tapping the pen and paper icon at the top righthand corner. When the group window appears, you can add members to it by typing their email addresses, selecting them from your Facebook friends list, or a combination of both. Optionally, customize your group with a title.

2. To capture photos or upload those from your device, just tap the camera icon. Drop in as many photos as you like and even type a comment to describe to your friends what you’re sharing.

3. Just tap the “done” icon in the top right corner and you will have created a group. It’s as easy as that. Your new group will appear in the list of groups you are a part of.

Sharing between groups and sources

With groups you can share photos from any source to anyone you wish. For example, say you want to share multiple photos you found from multiple sources like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, all to one small subset of friends.

1. Go into any source within Cooliris and select your desired photos from the 3D wall by tapping them.

2. Tap and select the photos you want to share from that source

3. Select the group you want to add these to, and they will immediately appear there! Add photos from another source to same group, just repeat the steps above.

Sharing via Cooliris groups is tons a fun and saves you time. Play around with it and you’ll discover the amazing ease with which you can now share from any of your sources with those close to you.

Download Cooliris to begin sharing your photos privately in groups. 

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Posted on 3rd February 2014

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  • It’s your complete media hub: Cooliris adds Evernote, Tencent, Tumblr, Yandex.Disk, SkyDrive, and more

    Our brand new release available today on the iTunes App Store makes Cooliris your complete media hub for photo discovery and sharing. It’s one of our biggest updates to date, and our team is super excited about it.

    Today, we’re introducing some cool features and sources, and bringing an enhanced experience to users worldwide.

    Cooliris has partnered with Evernote, and has added Tumblr and SkyDrive as new photo sources. With this release, we’re also announcing a new international partnership with Tencent, China’s largest and most used internet service portal, and an expanded partnership with Yandex, Russia’s leading internet search provider and technology developer. These partnerships bring global scale and localized experiences.


    Altogether, Cooliris now lets you conveniently discover and share photos from over 20 major photo sources, all in a single app:

    • Your iPad and iPhone libraries
    • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
    • Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Evernote
    • Tencent Weibo, Renren, Yandex.Fotki, Yandex.Disk
    • Google Image Search, Yandex Image Search
    • And, of course, photos from your friends using Cooliris

    New Features for 2.7

    To create a sublime and personal photo experience for you, we have added a host of other new features:

    • Customize your home screen to include only the sources that matter most to you.
    • Endlessly discover new photos in Instagram and Facebook by searching hashtags and tapping on usernames.
    • Enjoy your Facebook photos even more with the ability to like and add captions to photos you share to Facebook, all without leaving the Cooliris app.


    We hope you find our new Cooliris app to be the “one-stop app” for all of your photos. Our goal is to give you the best experience for connecting, discovering and selectively sharing the photos you want, from any of the sources you use, to the people you care about, all while personalizing the experience for you.

    So what are you waiting for? Download the new version from the iTunes App Store for free.

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    Posted on 9th July 2013

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  • “Cooliris: My Little Helper for Organizing Photos”: A user review of Cooliris

    Nothing is more inspirational and humbling than reviews posted by our users. Frieda Chung, a Taiwanese user of Cooliris, recently published her experience using Cooliris on her own blog. We are so grateful for her thoughts that we wanted to share them with you.

    Here is an excerpt from Frieda’s blog post (translated from the original Chinese version):

    There’s a classic quote from the movie Taipei Exchanges: If you had money, would you study or tour the world? My answer is to do both. From 2007 to 2010, I went and got a Master’s degree, lived in three different cities, toured more than thirty countries, and took tens of thousands of photos.

    I was super busy. On any given day, if wasn’t spending hours doing homework, I was preparing my next travel plans. As such, records my travels, such as photos taken at the time, would pile up in Picasa and only be categorized by date, or they’d be shared on Facebook with timestamps. By the end of three years, I had 2 Picasa accounts, 187 albums, and another 100 albums on Facebook.

    Recently, I’ve been thinking how to sort through those messy photo albums and take out the best photos for my blog. This is when I found out about Cooliris. Cooliris integrates various photo sources, and it allows me to find and switch between different albums, all in one place. Besides, the intuitive, browsable photo wall makes it so easy to find pictures.

    For example, I recently needed photos for my new article “Isle of Man”. All the photos were spread across eight different albums on Picasa and Facebook. Cooliris not only helped me collect those photos all in one place but juggle around different web pages. Its intuitive interface allows me to browse photos located in different albums.

    Besides browsing photos, organizing photos easily is also super important. For that, I would like to give huge credit to the Conversations feature found in Cooliris. This feature not only lets you share photos with your friends but can also serve as simple photo organizer.

    When I was writing this article, I created a conversation named “Isle of Man”, and shared it with myself. After that, I went to Picasa and Facebook, picked out photos, and shared them to the “Isle of Man” conversation. After sharing my selected photos to the conversation, I went back to my laptop, opened my email, and received the invitation to view the conversation. I was able to view all my chosen photos, download them all through the platform, and then post them to my blog. Done!

    I wish more of my friends were using Cooliris as it is would be so convenient to collect and view my friends’ travel photos as well. Join me on Cooliris!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thank you, Frieda, for such a lovely review. We really appreciate it.

    We would love to hear more from our users. If you would to share your personal reviews about Cooliris, please email your story to

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    Posted on 13th June 2013

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  • 5 ways to use Cooliris during your travels this summer

    With the mercury rising and school days winding down, summer is just around the corner. Whether you’ve got a big vacation planned or just doing short trips to the beach or the city, your camera is like an awesome travel mate who helps create an album of memories for you to cherish forever.

    Traveling light? You can take advantage of the camera on your iPhone or iPad instead of carrying heavy digital camera equipment, memory cards and cables for connecting to your laptop. As a bonus, you can share pictures instantly, too.


    All you need to do is enjoy taking photos. Cooliris handles the rest for you.

    1. View your photos in our 3D wall while enjoying your vacation

    As you relax in your hotel room, see all the photos you took from your full day of sightseeing, in a swift and easy manner. With one tap, all your beautiful vacation photos will display on the fluid 3D Wall in Cooliris. You’ll heighten your sensory experience just by viewing your photos in this beautiful, fluid viewing environment.

    If you’ve posted photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter while sightseeing, you can view those on your Cooliris wall as well. Cooliris aggregates all your photos in one place, making sure no precious moments are lost.

    2. Share multiple photos on the go

    With a standalone digital camera, you have to wait to get back to your hotel room, connect your camera to your laptop, and download your photos, all in order to share photos with your friends. With your iPhone or iPad, you can simply start a group conversation within the Cooliris app.

    From the comfort of your beach lounger, you can choose which photos you want to share with your friends and begin a private conversation. Easily send as many photos as you want and let your friends know how much you’re enjoying your vacation.

    3. See what your friends are doing

    Want to see what the rest of your friends are up to? You can see their Facebook and Instagram photos via Cooliris. See the vacation spots they are visiting or what cuisine they are enjoying, all in one place through the Cooliris app.

    4. Save photos for later

    There are always certain photos that you want to save for later, either to print or to use on your laptop. With Cooliris you can save your vacation photos to Dropbox or Google Drive, and access them anywhere, anytime. Cooliris makes sure no photo frame in your house ever stays empty.

    5. Share photos on Facebook directly from Cooliris

    While viewing your photos on the Cooliris 3D Wall, imagine you spot a photo that you want to share on Facebook.  Know you can share it directly on Facebook from Cooliris in no time, rather than going out of the app. Cooliris saves you the hassle and time, so you can you can go back to enjoying the rest of your photos and sipping your drink.

    Happy travels this summer and do not forget to take Cooliris with you.

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    Posted on 31st May 2013

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  • Endless Discovery: Cooliris Features Photos From Friends, Followers and Dropbox

    Team Cooliris has been working tirelessly for the last few months to bring you yet another super cool update. For those of you who have been following our journey, this update brings a sublime photo discovery experience with it. Your beautiful 3D wall now not only showcases your own photographs but those of your friends and followers as well. Version 2.6 delivers a host of new features that promise endless discovery.


    So WHAT’S NEW:

    Endless Discovery of friends’ photos - Deeper integration with friends for enriched and meaningful social discovery.

    Facebook friends’ photos, Instagram followers and following photos, Flickr contacts’ photos, and Renren friends’ photos are all now surfaced in the app for a beautiful experience. Now you can truly see all of your photos in one place - whether it is your own photos or photos from your friends, followers, and so on.


    And that is not all we have in store for you in this release. We have added yet another useful source to store and share your beautiful treasures: Dropbox. 

    Furthermore, we have added folder navigation into the menu, so you can select any folder in Google Drive and Dropbox and explore them with delight. You can also save photos from any other source, whether it’s your mobile library, Facebook, Instagram, Renren, Picasa, Flickr, directly into a specific Google Drive or Dropbox Folder. This gives you an easy way to organize and save photo collections from your mobile device. 


    In short, there’s no other app that does it like we do. It’s a fast and fluid experience with selective sharing. With the launch of this new version, Cooliris is the “one-stop app” for all of your photos. We’re creating a better experience for you to connect, discover and selectively share your photos the way you want, from any source of your choice.

    So what are you waiting for? Download version 2.6 from the iTunes App Store for free. Time to begin your endless discovery.

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    Posted on 4th April 2013

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  • Some Cooliris press coverage from the last days

    Since we have gotten a lot of press coverage in the last few days, we want to share the amazing feedback with you here:

    With 250m+ photos viewed, Cooliris updates iOS app, grabs pics from Google Drive, Flickr, others - The Next Web

    Cooliris hits 250M photos viewed, introduces integration with Google Drive - SG Entrepreneurs

    "What do you get when you combine an immersive visual experience with an increasing number of visual sources? Cooliris is just the app you need."e27 - Cooliris expands photo sources to include Picasa, Google+, Google Drive and Flickr

    "Cooliris is already well on its way to being a household name." TUAW - Cooliris passes 250 million photo views, adds more sharing options

    "For promiscuous photo uploaders who have their images scattered all over the web, the new CoolIris looks like a great way to bring them all together for quick viewing on an iPhone or iPad." Tech in Asia - CoolIris App Adds New Photo Sources, Boasts 1.5M Installs

    And we loved the description in this blog:  "This free app was a life-saver, all my pictures were found in just a click of a button."     "The soothing movement of the wall is akin to the pictures swaying to the tunes of Mozart; creative genius."  Chattering Kitchen  Food & Travel Photography Tips: Share Your Treasures via Cooliris

    Have a blog and want to share something about Cooliris? Let us know at and we will get in touch with you to provide you with material.

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    Posted on 3rd December 2012

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  • All-new update for the Cooliris app

    Whats new stamp cooliris Thanks for making the all-new Cooliris the #1 free iPad app in over 80 countries in the Lifestyle category. It’s been an incredible 4 weeks already since we launched the new app, and we’re really excited about the amazing feedback that we’ve gotten from all of our users.

    Today, we have an update (v.2.1) for the new Cooliris that incorporates some of the user feedback and feature requests. Download it now, and check it out.

    Captions captions captions!

    Photos now include more detailed information like name, caption, time, place, and the number of likes and comments on them!  It makes photo discovery from your mobile library, Facebook and Instagram even more engaging.  It’s now also super easy to jump out to the original Facebook or Instagram page containing the photo, where you can comment or like the photo.

    Google Image search options

    In Google Image search, you now have the flexibility to customize your search settings. You can filter images by size and jump to the original web page containing the image. Google Images SafeSearch settings are also now available.

    There’s much more to come, including adding more sources of media. Please keep your feedback coming our way at, and don’t forget to download and rate the app in the App Store!

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    Posted on 22nd August 2012

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  • The All-New Facebook experience, brought to you with Cooliris

    Cooliris Stamp Whats NewIn creating the new Cooliris, one of our goals was to take the numerous amounts of media shared on all your different networks and create an easy way to discover and share those photos. That way you can avoid the headache from data overload and instead view all your beautiful photos in one place. Cooliris brings together photos from your favorite sources, including Facebook, Instagram, and your own Camera Roll, all in one fast, fluid, and visually stunning app.

    Let’s check out four of the new features incorporated with Facebook on Cooliris.

    View photos from your News Feed, Tags and Albums on the stunning 3D Wall

    Open up Facebook on Cooliris and you’ll immediately see all the photos from your News Feed, which you can swipe, zoom, and flip through on the 3D Wall. You can also toggle between your personal Albums, Cover Photos, and Photos Tagged of You through the drop down navigation menu at the top of the screen.

    Share any of your Facebook photos into close-knit conversations

    Cooliris allows you to share any of your Facebook photos in private 1-on-1 or group conversations, whether it be from your News Feed or own albums. Now you can have a conversation around any topic or set of photos from multiple networks including Facebook. Select photos by pressing the share button in the upper right and selecting, or by holding down on a photo. Then press the share button again and the Conversations Menu Panel will slide out.

    Share photos by selecting from any existing conversation, or create a new one. When creating a new conversation, Cooliris will autofill will contacts from your Facebook Friends and local Address Book. You can even send to anyone, even if they don’t currently have a Cooliris account.

    Easily save photos from Facebook to your personal library with just a tap

    When you want to save any photo in Facebook, press the Share button in the upper right. Then select all the photos you want to download to your camera roll and click Save. You can also select photos by holding down on an image.

    Batch upload multiple photos at a time to Facebook from your mobile device

    Have several photos from your mobile library or Instagram that you want to upload to Facebook? It’s easy. Just press share, select, and “Share to Facebook” in the Conversations Menu Panel. All the photos will be added to your Facebook Timeline for all your friends to see.

    Enjoy these and many more new features by downloading the all-new Cooliris app for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. Have more feedback? Let us know at, and tell us your favorite #NewCooliris features on FB and Twitter!

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    Posted on 27th July 2012

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