New features in Google Drive make organizing photos a breeze

Organizing and viewing your photos in Google Drive is now easier than ever. We added several features with our update yesterday – if you are a Google Drive user, you should check them out!


When you think of organizing your photos, you think of being slouched over your computer and tediously dragging and dropping photos into their proper places. Or perhaps, you’re simply too busy to bother. Now, there’s a better way to organize your photos. With the new Cooliris update, you can sit back and relax on your couch with a good cup of coffee and your iPad, and get the job done with ease and flair.


In the new version, you can not only bulk save multiple photos from any source to Google Drive, but also easily save them into existing Google Drive folders or create new ones on the fly. Then, when you are viewing Google Drive in the Cooliris app, you can easily find your photos in your folders within seconds.

With the new Cooliris update, you can finish saving, organizing and sharing all your photos before your coffee gets cold. Get it now in the iTunes App Store!


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Posted on 5th April 2013

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