All-new update for the Cooliris app

Whats new stamp cooliris Thanks for making the all-new Cooliris the #1 free iPad app in over 80 countries in the Lifestyle category. It’s been an incredible 4 weeks already since we launched the new app, and we’re really excited about the amazing feedback that we’ve gotten from all of our users.

Today, we have an update (v.2.1) for the new Cooliris that incorporates some of the user feedback and feature requests. Download it now, and check it out.

Captions captions captions!

Photos now include more detailed information like name, caption, time, place, and the number of likes and comments on them!  It makes photo discovery from your mobile library, Facebook and Instagram even more engaging.  It’s now also super easy to jump out to the original Facebook or Instagram page containing the photo, where you can comment or like the photo.

Google Image search options

In Google Image search, you now have the flexibility to customize your search settings. You can filter images by size and jump to the original web page containing the image. Google Images SafeSearch settings are also now available.

There’s much more to come, including adding more sources of media. Please keep your feedback coming our way at, and don’t forget to download and rate the app in the App Store!

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Posted on 22nd August 2012

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  • All your favorite sources and Google Images too

    Whats new stamp coolirisWe know that everyone searches Google Images, so we figured, why not be able to search any image on the Cooliris 3D Wall. Check out some of these CoolTips for browsing Google Images on Cooliris:

    Browse Anything

    Monet, the newest Ferrari, food porn? Browse any and all of the above with Google Images on Cooliris. As always the photos will be visualized on the Cooliris 3D wall, where you can swipe, pinch, and zoom until you find just the right one.

    Save for Later

    Save any images from Google Images to your mobile library. Either hold down on the image or tap the button in the upper right. Then save all the images to your camera roll to view, use, and share later.

    Save and Share

    Have a Cooliris Conversation with your buddies about the coolest new cars? Search for the new Bugatti Veyron and save to your library, then share into the conversation. Have the ultimate conversation with messages and photos around any topic.

    This and much more with the all-new Cooliris App for iPhone and iPad, now free in the App Store. And if you haven’t already. like us on FB and follow us on Twitter for more CoolTips!

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    Posted on 2nd August 2012

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  • You’ve never seen your Instagrams like this…

    Whats New Cooliris StampLast week we introduced the #NewCooliris app for iPhone and iPad — social discovery for photos, all in one place. And as iPhone photography fanatics here at the office, there was no way we could say we included all your favorite photo sources without adding Instagram! Check out these CoolTips about using Instagram on Cooliris:

    View Instagrams like never before

    Browse all your Instagrams on the stunning Cooliris 3D wall, or larger and in high-res by tapping to zoom or double-tapping to enter full-screen view. See all your beautiful photos and filters bigger, brighter and clearer — we know you’ll be saying WOW!

    Additionally, you can browse all your different Instagram photos, including your Feed with those you follow, Popular, and your personal Instagrams. Toggle between the three using the drop-down navigation menu at the top.

    Save any Instagrams to your mobile device

    Ever wish you could save Popular or friends’ photos to your device to keep and browse later? Easily save Instagram photos to your iPhone or iPad with just a tap on the share button in the upper right corner. Select those you love, then just press the save button. After, you can go back and browse your library on the 3D Wall.

    Share them to Facebook, or in conversations

    You can also share a bunch of Instagram photos at once to Facebook and into Conversations without saving the photos to your device. See a set of beautiful photos you want to start a dialogue around? Maybe street art around San Francisco, vintage cars, or some of the newest fashions? Now you can! As always, you can start a conversation with anyone, even if they don’t have Cooliris, and they will still be able to see all the photos.

    Check out these Instagram features and more in the all-new Cooliris app for iPhone and iPad, now available in the App Store. Also, make sure to tell us your favorite #NewCooliris experiences on FB and Twitter, and as always, if you have feedback let us know at 

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    Posted on 30th July 2012

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