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Hello!  My name’s Conrad.  I was born and raised in Pasadena, California, and am currently a rising Sophomore at Stanford University.  I was given a phenomenal opportunity to join 11 other interns at Cooliris this past summer, which was nothing short of incredible.  Here is a quick recount of my experience as a whole, as well as a highlight of my most memorable project:

A mere three weeks into my summer internship at Cooliris, I was already starting to feel a newly-found sense of pride in my work.  As soon as my first day began in early June 2013, I realized that the office in the heart of Palo Alto was a special place.  Not only is the Cooliris team fun, caring, and cooperative, but driven, determined, and innovative; these characteristics are outwardly expressed, and immediately began to rub off on me and the intern team.  Furthermore, the office atmosphere holds an element of light-heartedness, as everyone views one another as a co-worker, an ally, and most importantly, a friend.  The interns are given real projects and hard problems to solve, proving to push boundaries of what we thought were our limits.  Fortunately, while was learning, I have never encountered a more uplifting environment, as the undying support flowing from each individual team member to another separates Cooliris from the rest.

Therefore, when the interns were given the task of creating a video in 24-hours reflecting on what Cooliris meant to me, I only hoped we would be able to convey a small sense of the powerful energy, enthusiasm, and encouraging environment through a 1-minute script.  With this in mind, we decided the most effective method was by letting you know how we feel face to face.  Hopefully through the course of the video, you can feel some of the passion that is embedded in each of the words describing the application, which will be known as the world’s best photo media hub.  With spirited language, a fervent manner, and zealousness in each shot, the eagerness held by each individual in the office to produce something revolutionary is conveyed.

Hopefully, you had as much fun watching the video as we had creating it.  If there is one thing I am sure of moving forward, it’s that Cooliris is, without a doubt, the next big thing.  Not necessarily because of its always expanding features and extensive photo integration, but the people behind the scenes who take pride in their work, just like I learned to do after a couple of days working next to them.

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Posted on 31st July 2013

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  • Want to work at the coolest place around?

    Cooliris Office Around the StampCooliris is looking for our next batch of interns for roles including marketing, social media, and business development! Here at Cooliris we’re building amazing products, and we’re looking for the right people to help.

    At Cooliris we’re engineers, business people, and designers, but more importantly we are self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology. Intern tasks will include everything from updating social media, keeping in touch with our amazing users to aiding in graphic design and developing marketing strategy for the all-new Cooliris app for iOS. We’re multi-taskers who wear many hats, but we’re always loving what we do - creating beautiful, immersive visual experiences. As we say here at the office, you’ll have to be a player for Team WIT (Whatever It Takes).

    If you have a passion for creating great products, being part of an amazing team, and diving into a fast-growing tech company, let us know at Three month minimum time dedication but hours are flexible.

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    Posted on 8th August 2012

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