Bike trip a success!!

Those of our team who went on the bike trip came into the office this morning feeling a little tired, but also empowered. And that’s because the trip was such a huge success! 

Taking into consideration everyone’s physically logged miles, as well as the matching contributions by non-bikers acting as sponsors, we achieved a combined total of 1,000 miles!! We’re so excited, because that translates to a $1,000 donation we’ll be making to Room to Read

We are overjoyed to be making such a wonderful contribution to their cause. It’s truly amazing to know that our efforts will directly influence young people in developing countries and help to improve their education. We are so proud of our team :)

It was definitely a challenge, and each mile well-earned, but we certainly managed to have a blast too! Along the way, we stopped through a number of great cities, including San Simeon, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and of course ending our journey in the beautiful Santa Barbara. 

Almost all of the rest of our team made it down to SB for the weekend - either by car or plane - to join in on the celebration of the bikers’ accomplishment. It was an overall stellar string of days, a great team-bonding experience, and an admirable goal we can now say we achieved. Congrats to everyone involved!!

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Posted on 16th October 2012

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  • Meaningful Miles: Cooliris bikes for a cause

    The Cooliris team is taking a bike trip down the coast of California, starting in Carmel and finishing up in Santa Barbara - a trek that comes out to just about 250 miles. Our dedicated group of bikers set out first thing this morning at 6:30 am! 

    But while we’re going on what is sure to be a fun adventure, we thought it would be cool to do some extra good along the way.

    Our idea is to give back to one of our favorite organizations, Room to Read. We’ve enjoyed working with them in the past, and are excited about doing so again because we think child literacy and education in developing countries is so important!

    Here’s the plan: We’re pledging $1 per mile ridden by each biker. So if just 2 people in our group complete the full journey on the bike, that’s already $500 we would donate!  

    And the best part is — a lot of our employees not going on the trip have already committed to pseudo-sponsoring certain riders by matching their miles in donations! We can’t wait to see how well our team does with this added motivation :)

    Check out our Facebook page over the weekend as we post photos like this from various points along the journey!

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    Posted on 11th October 2012

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  • Sneak peek into our Germany trip!

    This collage showcases just a few of the great moments we had on the trip! More to come!

    Clockwise from top left: Classic Spaten beer glass; Berliner Dom in Cölln; some of our team in the traditional German lederhosen; cheering at Oktoberfest; the Schottenhamel tent in Munich

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    Posted on 9th October 2012

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  • Stanford Career Fair 2012

    Imagine some of the biggest names in tech, numerous promising start ups, and hundreds of the country’s brightest young minds. All in the same 1,000 square feet.

    Imagine a place where the connections are made that influence our future. Connections that will be the foundation for the next breakthrough ideas and innovations and solutions. The raw potential of such a meeting emanates with an unbelievable energy, and we were right in the midst of it all!

    This past Wednesday, October 3rd, Cooliris was privileged to attend the Computer Forum Career Fair at Stanford University. We were able to interact with so many sharp students, most of whom are working towards degrees with an engineering focus such as CS or EE. It was awesome to envision bringing some of the talented individuals we spoke with onto the Cooliris team. We met so many great people! 

    If you happen to be one such individual we met at the fair, keep an eye out for more information regarding our upcoming info session! We’re so excited to begin the recruiting process and look forward to talking with you more in depth after our presentation :) 

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    Posted on 5th October 2012

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  • The best freaking video ever

    The mission: create “the best freaking video ever.” The time frame: 24 hours. This was to be our final assignment as Cooliris interns, and we were determined to make it the greatest yet. After some lengthy brainstorming sessions, our group of 5 — Katia, Alastair, Howard, Alix and Caroline — ventured to the eccentric city of San Francisco for a fun-packed day of filming. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to culminate the end of our summers, and the end of our internships, than to dance our way through the city, inviting all those we encountered to join. With the Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party” blasting through our speakers, we convinced over 50 people to show us their moves and tell us why they love to dance!

    Like every epic day should, we started off with ice cream for breakfast, and got some great footage of the team at Mitchells’ dancing as they prepared our scoops. Mitchell’s sure wasn’t the only ice cream parlor we hit — Bi-Rite and Ben & Jerry’s were just a few of the other stops on our extended tour of SF. In Dolores Park, we came across all sorts of dance talent, from three guys visiting from Orange County to construction workers breaking it down during their lunch break.

    As our film crew took a break while moving through Haight Ashbury, we left the hippie culture behind and headed for the beach. Chrissy Field gave us the Golden Gate Bridge as an awesome backdrop, and we captured three teenage girls from New Zealand getting their groove on. We met a couple from Georgia who originally came to SF to see Bon Jovi perform, but let’s be honest - they probably had a better time showing us how to grind.

    Our next stop was the Palace of Fine Arts. The surrounding walls were just begging to be climbed, and soon the five of us were jumping to the Vengaboys 10 feet off the ground. Then we came upon two high school sweethearts who had JUST been married, straight out of the chapel, and were lucky enough to have them share a special moment with us with the cutest dance.

    The next place on our list was Lombard Street, where our director Katia was positive we’d find tourists. And we sure did! People from all over the world were there to see the winding street, and more than happy to dance for us. There were four guys from Australia, a group of ladies from France (ooh la la!), and even a few bikers from the Midwest, one of whom had an especially interesting taste… Watch the teaser on Facebook to see what I mean!

    Our adventure continued at Pier 39, where we danced around fruit and fish. We had a little scare encounter with security, but they were cool about Cooliris. Onto our final stop of the day - Chinatown! We set our speakers right in front of the Gateway Arch and got, well… some responses. In the end, we were the ones dancing around dragons and garlands, proud of what we’d achieved and not only how much fun we’d had, but how much we had inspired in others.

    Check out the teaser on Facebook - full video will be launching soon!

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    Posted on 6th September 2012

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  • A really “Cool” cake

    We welcome our newest intern Ashley with a seriously “Cool” cake! Enjoy, Ashley!

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    Posted on 4th September 2012

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  • What it’s like being an intern at Cooliris

    Imagine interning at an office that has a big drum set in the middle of the room, a PlayStation, giant bean bags… Waaait a minute?! Yep, this is a real office - the Cooliris headquarters in Palo Alto. After first dodging a football flying through the air as you enter the room, you can see that the office still is a place of busy and hard work.

    My name is Caroline, I’m from Germany and I’m interning at Cooliris over the summer. Working with me are other interns, guys and girls from many places around the world like Austria, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ukraine. All of us are different ages ranging from 12 to 22 and while some of us are still in high school, others are taking their final college examinations. Still, there is one thing we all have in common: All of us are having an awesome experience!

    Business, social marketing, PR, management, design, and of course, technology — there’s a wide field of activities in different areas available for us interns to explore, all within a consumer company that creates immersive rich media experiences. Some of us promote the all-new Cooliris, while others contact the media or work on statistics. Principally, we all get a close-up insight into what it means to be in a startup in Silicon Valley.

    “Learning how a startup works is great! And we get to use all these cool programs like Photoshop,” says Soham, 14, who will start his sophomore year in high school after summer. While the younger interns are especially enjoying the learning experience and hoping to get inspiration for their future lives, the older ones value their internship as a highly relevant entrepreneurial experience. “Valuable information can be absorbed in a short period of time, which is highly relevant and useful for conditions a future job might offer,” says Slav, 22, who studies at Berkeley.

    During our internship, the insight we’ve gained is invaluable for our future endeavors. Or you might find yourself sticking at Cooliris — take Hamon, 24, for example. Originally from Austria, he interned at Cooliris two years ago and is now working full-time at the company. “Cooliris appreciated my work, and I was cool enough to stay on the team,” he says.

    What makes the internship awesome is the fact that Cooliris allows us interns latitude and we can mostly act independently. I love being able to act on my own initiative; it’s a great practice for whatever is awaiting me in the future. All of us interns get to be part of the company and experience what it means to be a start-up — having huge success and celebrating together, but also sticking together and working to improve if things don’t work well. At Cooliris, there’s fun, hard work, good food and great people, which makes for the best work environment you could ask for!

    Are you interested in becoming an intern at the coolest startup in the Bay Area? Email us at

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    Posted on 27th August 2012

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  • The new cool is here - Introducing the all-new Cooliris

    Stamp New

    We’re excited to introduce the all-new Cooliris, available now for iPad and iPhone in the App Store. Before going into the details, let’s backtrack so you get the whole picture.

    When we first released the Cooliris 3D Wall as a browser extension in 2008, it enabled a stunning new way to browse media on the desktop, allowing you to consume images, photos and videos from the web like never before. The product was well received by millions and we received tangible feedback from hundreds of thousands of users from around the world. You said the Cooliris Wall was a great way to browse search results for images, to see large sets of photos and videos, and experience galleries embedded by webmasters on their own websites. Bringing the Wall to market was an extraordinary experience for us.

    Simultaneously, an interesting shift was taking place in the landscape. With the introduction and hyperscaling of iOS and Android mobile devices, the world began going mobile, opening up opportunities to experience digital media in a new ways. Handbags and pockets held powerful cameras and phones, and new services enabled everyone to become a photographer. You started posting and publishing beautiful photos to Facebook and Instagram, or just taking them to remember and share, and we were getting started on how we could make the process even better.

    We embraced mobile by being part of something big. We worked closely with Andy Rubin at Google to create the Android Gallery, which became the default native app for Android 2.1 and above.

    Fast forward to present day, and we’re leveraging all our learnings from our past successes and mistakes, and are proud to present to the world today a brand new app for iPad and iPhone. You kept telling us the Cooliris Wall was meant for tablets and mobile phones, and we heard loud and clear.

    The all new Cooliris app is the fast, fluid, and stunning new way to explore, discover, and share photos. We’ve chosen your favorite sources - Facebook, Instagram, Google Images, and of course your personal photo library on your device - and seamlessly combined them into an easy-to-use iPad and iPhone app. You can swipe, zoom, and efficiently navigate through thousands of photos on the Cooliris 3D Wall, then selectively share them with people you care about in private 1-on-1 or group conversations, or publish it to a broader audience by sharing it to your Facebook Timeline.

    Try Cooliris for showcasing your photography collection, sharing personal moments with your family, or simply as a better way to enjoy your favorite photos.

    We’ve had a lot of fun building the all-new Cooliris, and we hope you enjoy discovering, experiencing, and sharing photos as much as we do. We strive to be the best in immersive and visual rich media experiences, and today we are starting the next chapter. Download the all-new Cooliris App for iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store today! To learn more about the app, check out the demo video.

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    Posted on 26th July 2012

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