5 tips to help you take better photos with your phone’s camera

Everyone is taking photos with their mobile phones these days, especially now that the camera quality has gotten so great!


Being a photo app company means that we’re constantly taking photos everyday. Here are 5 questions that you can ask yourself when you are capturing photo memories to make them even better, before you share them in Cooliris afterwards! ;)

1. What story are you telling? 

Before you take your photo, it is very important that you have a clear idea what you want to show in the photo. What is your goal with the shot? What do you want to capture and deliver to people viewing the photo? Is there something that you want to discuss while showing the photo? Keep this in mind and it will help you with the right framing and composition of the photo.

2. What is the background and foreground?

This is important for your composition. If you want to point out an object in the foreground, like in a portrait shot, make sure your background is not distracting from that. If your background is very colorful or attention-grabbing, a tilt-shift or depth of field filter may help in defocusing the background. Here is how to do it with Instagram.

3. Do you have enough light?

With phone cameras, this can be especially tricky when there is not enough light. Make sure you have a main source of light that is strong enough to light up your subject. In low light situations, stabilize your camera to make sure your shot doesn’t get blurry.

4. What is the best time for an outdoor shot? 

The best outdoor shots with phone cameras are usually taken during sunrise or sunset. Since the light is smoother during that time, it gives your subject the best exposure. During noon the sun is very high, so your subjects will look washed out and flat. Also, the shadows will have high contrast.  

5. Are the lines straight?

If you are taking landscape shots, make sure the horizon is not sloping. With the iPhone camera you can activate grid view to help, which you find in the camera screen under “Options”. 


Once you take your great shot, you’ll probably want to share it with people who share your passion or the memories you captured. For that, we can provide you the best solution – the Cooliris app. :)

Let us know if you have other tips for taking better photos to share with the community. We might even feature you on a guest post!

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Posted on 5th March 2013

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