Cooliris steps up internationalization - Launches in Russia with Yandex

image2013 starts with a bang as promised. After the roaring success of its first internationalization with Renren, garnering 30x times more downloads in China, Cooliris has officially landed in Russia. In another giant leap, Cooliris has successfully partnered with Russia’s largest internet company with its presence all over Europe. Renowned for its ever popular search engine and having the coveted crown of Russia’s most visited website, Cooliris is psyched to announce its second successful international adventure. Yandex.Fotki’s 10 million users will now be able to enjoy Cooliris’s 3D immersive technology with just the tap of a button. 

With a rousing welcome in China through an integration with Renren, Cooliris has managed to reach 2.5 million installs on iPhone and iPad, 350 million photos viewed in the app, and over 12 million photo impressions on Facebook. And now with this new internationalization Cooliris looks to capture the emerging markets portfolio as well. Users of Yandex.Fotki can now save and share all those moments captured from their iPhone and iPad via Cooliris. Best of all, there are no privacy invasion issues, users can share those pictures with the people of their choice. Users can now upload, store and edit photographs in Yandex.Fotki and access them via the Cooliris app. All their photos will now be available in one place. Adding Yandex.Fotki as yet another Cooliris source has increased the Cooliris source family, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Smugmug, Picasa, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Google Drive, Google Images and Renren. 


All Yandex.Fotki users can now download the Cooliris App for free from the iTunes App Store. A great way to usher in 2013 and kudos to the Cooliris team for bringing this venture to fruition. 

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Posted on 30th January 2013

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