Twitter and Smugmug make their way into the Cooliris family

image2012 ended with a promise that the next year would bring more joy to our users. Keeping in mind our new year resolution, we begin 2013 with a bang. 2012 saw the Cooliris app soar to unprecedented heights in its short 4 month tenure. In just a few months we gathered the biggest names in social networking under the Cooliris umbrella. Helping our users store and share their photographs with ease, we garnered facebook, flickr, google+, picasa, google drive and China’s Renren as our sources. With the click of a button, photographs from all these sources could be shared and stored via the Cooliris app. As 2013 begins, so does our journey. We continue from where we left off and once again for our users, we have managed to add one of the biggest social networking sites as part of our growing family; Twitter.


With over 500 million registered users, generating more than 340 million tweets daily, twitter has been counted as one of the top ten most visited sites on the internet. With photographs, either personal or professional making up a big chunk of the tweets, Cooliris has now made it easier for all twitter users to store and share their photographs all in one place. With the advent of version 2.4 of Cooliris, no photograph will ever be lost in twitterverse again. All pictures that have been posted to your twitter account will safely find their way into your Cooliris app. 

The good news just doesn’t stop there. Cooliris version 2.4 has another surprise in store for you; the addition of Smugmug as a source. Famous for its photo-sharing and printing capabilities, Smugmug has fast made its name in the online world. Helping to bring the photographer out in everyone, Smugmug has rapidly gained importance in the online photo-sharing arena. With the new Cooliris version, all your photographs stored on Smugmug will be available at your fingertips via the Cooliris app. 

Constantly adding new sources at a riveting pace; that is our motto for 2013. We strive to make a wholesome photographic experience for all our users, making sure no photograph is ever lost. And if you thought our surprises would end with version 2.4, wait and see what we have in store for you with version 2.5. All we can say is that is akin to a “giant leap for mankind”. :)

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Posted on 15th January 2013

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