Cooliris Lands in China

Bridging all geographical and cultural barriers, the Cooliris photo app launches in China through an integration with popular Chinese social network, Renren. After surpassing 1.7 million downloads and 250 million photo views in just four months, we have managed to add another feather to our growing cap; our first ever international localization with the launch in China, the Cooliris app will now be available to all Chinese smartphone/tablet users to integrate their photos from their phone memory as well as Renren.


Partnering with the leading real-name social networking internet service in China, Renren, we have launched a fully localized version of our app specially designed for our Chinese users. With this revolutionary integration, Chinese users will be able to experience and share their photographs privately from their mobile library, Instagram and most importantly, Renren, in the awesome Cooliris 3D wall. For easy navigation and a more wholesome experience, the Cooliris app will include a local-language capability for Chinese users. Ecstatic at the launch of Cooliris in China, our CEO and Co-Founder Soujanya Bhumkar had this to say, “With China quickly becoming one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, we’re thrilled to launch our first international version of Cooliris with local content in China. Now, Chinese users can enjoy all of their personal photos in the Cooliris experience.”


The Cooliris app for iPad and iPhone is a beautiful, modern way to browse all of the photos from various sources all in one place, and selectively share them with customized audiences in private groups.  These experiences can now be felt by millions of users across China. They too, can now become part of our ever-growing Cooliris family.

For all users in China, you can now download the new Chinese Cooliris app absolutely free from the China iTunes store for your iPhone and iPad. And to keep up-to-date with all our updates, you can follow us on the newly created Renren page, specifically for our Chinese users.   

Have fun and stay awesome!  

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Posted on 18th December 2012

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