Meaningful Miles: Cooliris bikes for a cause

The Cooliris team is taking a bike trip down the coast of California, starting in Carmel and finishing up in Santa Barbara - a trek that comes out to just about 250 miles. Our dedicated group of bikers set out first thing this morning at 6:30 am! 

But while we’re going on what is sure to be a fun adventure, we thought it would be cool to do some extra good along the way.

Our idea is to give back to one of our favorite organizations, Room to Read. We’ve enjoyed working with them in the past, and are excited about doing so again because we think child literacy and education in developing countries is so important!

Here’s the plan: We’re pledging $1 per mile ridden by each biker. So if just 2 people in our group complete the full journey on the bike, that’s already $500 we would donate!  

And the best part is — a lot of our employees not going on the trip have already committed to pseudo-sponsoring certain riders by matching their miles in donations! We can’t wait to see how well our team does with this added motivation :)

Check out our Facebook page over the weekend as we post photos like this from various points along the journey!

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Posted on 11th October 2012

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