Stanford Career Fair 2012

Imagine some of the biggest names in tech, numerous promising start ups, and hundreds of the country’s brightest young minds. All in the same 1,000 square feet.

Imagine a place where the connections are made that influence our future. Connections that will be the foundation for the next breakthrough ideas and innovations and solutions. The raw potential of such a meeting emanates with an unbelievable energy, and we were right in the midst of it all!

This past Wednesday, October 3rd, Cooliris was privileged to attend the Computer Forum Career Fair at Stanford University. We were able to interact with so many sharp students, most of whom are working towards degrees with an engineering focus such as CS or EE. It was awesome to envision bringing some of the talented individuals we spoke with onto the Cooliris team. We met so many great people! 

If you happen to be one such individual we met at the fair, keep an eye out for more information regarding our upcoming info session! We’re so excited to begin the recruiting process and look forward to talking with you more in depth after our presentation :) 

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Posted on 5th October 2012

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