The best freaking video ever

The mission: create “the best freaking video ever.” The time frame: 24 hours. This was to be our final assignment as Cooliris interns, and we were determined to make it the greatest yet. After some lengthy brainstorming sessions, our group of 5 — Katia, Alastair, Howard, Alix and Caroline — ventured to the eccentric city of San Francisco for a fun-packed day of filming. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to culminate the end of our summers, and the end of our internships, than to dance our way through the city, inviting all those we encountered to join. With the Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party” blasting through our speakers, we convinced over 50 people to show us their moves and tell us why they love to dance!

Like every epic day should, we started off with ice cream for breakfast, and got some great footage of the team at Mitchells’ dancing as they prepared our scoops. Mitchell’s sure wasn’t the only ice cream parlor we hit — Bi-Rite and Ben & Jerry’s were just a few of the other stops on our extended tour of SF. In Dolores Park, we came across all sorts of dance talent, from three guys visiting from Orange County to construction workers breaking it down during their lunch break.

As our film crew took a break while moving through Haight Ashbury, we left the hippie culture behind and headed for the beach. Chrissy Field gave us the Golden Gate Bridge as an awesome backdrop, and we captured three teenage girls from New Zealand getting their groove on. We met a couple from Georgia who originally came to SF to see Bon Jovi perform, but let’s be honest - they probably had a better time showing us how to grind.

Our next stop was the Palace of Fine Arts. The surrounding walls were just begging to be climbed, and soon the five of us were jumping to the Vengaboys 10 feet off the ground. Then we came upon two high school sweethearts who had JUST been married, straight out of the chapel, and were lucky enough to have them share a special moment with us with the cutest dance.

The next place on our list was Lombard Street, where our director Katia was positive we’d find tourists. And we sure did! People from all over the world were there to see the winding street, and more than happy to dance for us. There were four guys from Australia, a group of ladies from France (ooh la la!), and even a few bikers from the Midwest, one of whom had an especially interesting taste… Watch the teaser on Facebook to see what I mean!

Our adventure continued at Pier 39, where we danced around fruit and fish. We had a little scare encounter with security, but they were cool about Cooliris. Onto our final stop of the day - Chinatown! We set our speakers right in front of the Gateway Arch and got, well… some responses. In the end, we were the ones dancing around dragons and garlands, proud of what we’d achieved and not only how much fun we’d had, but how much we had inspired in others.

Check out the teaser on Facebook - full video will be launching soon!

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Posted on 6th September 2012

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