What it’s like being an intern at Cooliris

Imagine interning at an office that has a big drum set in the middle of the room, a PlayStation, giant bean bags… Waaait a minute?! Yep, this is a real office - the Cooliris headquarters in Palo Alto. After first dodging a football flying through the air as you enter the room, you can see that the office still is a place of busy and hard work.

My name is Caroline, I’m from Germany and I’m interning at Cooliris over the summer. Working with me are other interns, guys and girls from many places around the world like Austria, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ukraine. All of us are different ages ranging from 12 to 22 and while some of us are still in high school, others are taking their final college examinations. Still, there is one thing we all have in common: All of us are having an awesome experience!

Business, social marketing, PR, management, design, and of course, technology — there’s a wide field of activities in different areas available for us interns to explore, all within a consumer company that creates immersive rich media experiences. Some of us promote the all-new Cooliris, while others contact the media or work on statistics. Principally, we all get a close-up insight into what it means to be in a startup in Silicon Valley.

“Learning how a startup works is great! And we get to use all these cool programs like Photoshop,” says Soham, 14, who will start his sophomore year in high school after summer. While the younger interns are especially enjoying the learning experience and hoping to get inspiration for their future lives, the older ones value their internship as a highly relevant entrepreneurial experience. “Valuable information can be absorbed in a short period of time, which is highly relevant and useful for conditions a future job might offer,” says Slav, 22, who studies at Berkeley.

During our internship, the insight we’ve gained is invaluable for our future endeavors. Or you might find yourself sticking at Cooliris — take Hamon, 24, for example. Originally from Austria, he interned at Cooliris two years ago and is now working full-time at the company. “Cooliris appreciated my work, and I was cool enough to stay on the team,” he says.

What makes the internship awesome is the fact that Cooliris allows us interns latitude and we can mostly act independently. I love being able to act on my own initiative; it’s a great practice for whatever is awaiting me in the future. All of us interns get to be part of the company and experience what it means to be a start-up — having huge success and celebrating together, but also sticking together and working to improve if things don’t work well. At Cooliris, there’s fun, hard work, good food and great people, which makes for the best work environment you could ask for!

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Posted on 27th August 2012

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