Brainstorming sessions at the new Cooliris HQ

It’s that time of the day again, when we all huddle together to get our creative juices flowing!

We at Cooliris have been having some fun brainstorming sessions over the last few days. It’s amazing to see how the ideas generated in our brainstorming room can grow into something really great!

To get the best results we always start with little games, to get everyone into the right mood and to stimulate the creative thinking. For example by throwing a ball randomly to one team member, we encourage them to think in new and unexpected directions. Everyone has to think on their feet as the ball gets tossed towards them. Hence creating an environment, where all ideas - even the craziest ones, are more than welcome, making the session more fun and productive.


To come up with great ideas, we encourage each other to think out of the box, while having fun and with no pressure at all. And before you know it, instead of one there will be ten good ideas to choose from. 

We love how our room looks like after such sessions. Post-its and happy faces everywhere. 


Stay tuned, if you want to see what we came up with during our brainstorming sessions at the new HQ… ;)

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Posted on 12th March 2014

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  • We have moved: Cooliris rocks the new office

    We’ve been rocking out to the energy of this awesome new space in San Francisco!. Our team-mates worked super hard last weekend to get this space in order.  Here’s a time-lapse gif of how they did just that!


    Special thanks to our teammates Gosia, Alec, Myyen, Scott, Adam, Alex, Howard, Sebastian, Hamon and many others who were the engines powering the move-in process and did a fantastic job of setting everything up.

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    Posted on 19th February 2014

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  • Bringing the “cool” to SF

    We at Cooliris have some big news to share - we are bringing our “cool” to San Francisco!

    Cooliris HQ has moved up north to the new epicenter of tech innovation and creativity, the beautiful fog city of San Francisco. Our stunning new office (check out the video below to see for yourself) has put us amidst the robust start up environment the Bay Area is famous for. Shoutout to our new neighbors Apportable, Twitter, Square, Uber, and many more.

    Goodbye Palo Alto - thanks for the good times, and hello San Francisco! Stay tuned to see what the combination of our innovation and the inspiring energy of SF will result in.

    Posted on 18th February 2014

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  • Cool-Valentine’s Day!

    Have you noticed pink hues and heart shapes gradually taking over shop fronts and restaurant interiors over the course of the past week? Flower stands popping up on busy streets, chocolates galore, and images of plump-winged cupids drawing attention wherever one goes.

    All this comes as no surprise, as today, all the build up and excitement culminates in the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Here at Cooliris HQ, we celebrated February 14th in a way that let everyone partake. Today, some of our teammates volunteered to be cupids (wings and bow included!) and gave out beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates to everyone at the office. Fun ensued and the photographers from our team got some great shots for us to share.

    Special thanks to our cupids, Alex and Hamon!

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and may Cupid find you too!

    Posted on 14th February 2014

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  • How to privately share photos with Cooliris Groups

    Cooliris already lets you view your photos from 20 sources. But what if you want to share photos you discover more privately, with a select group of people? Well, the Cooliris groups feature is perfect for that. You can create a closed group with a customizable number of participants, all of whom can contribute their unique media and message content.

    It’s easy to start a private group

    Just launch the Cooliris app and you’ll find the “Groups” window right there on the homepage.

    1. Start a new group by tapping the pen and paper icon at the top righthand corner. When the group window appears, you can add members to it by typing their email addresses, selecting them from your Facebook friends list, or a combination of both. Optionally, customize your group with a title.

    2. To capture photos or upload those from your device, just tap the camera icon. Drop in as many photos as you like and even type a comment to describe to your friends what you’re sharing.

    3. Just tap the “done” icon in the top right corner and you will have created a group. It’s as easy as that. Your new group will appear in the list of groups you are a part of.

    Sharing between groups and sources

    With groups you can share photos from any source to anyone you wish. For example, say you want to share multiple photos you found from multiple sources like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, all to one small subset of friends.

    1. Go into any source within Cooliris and select your desired photos from the 3D wall by tapping them.

    2. Tap and select the photos you want to share from that source

    3. Select the group you want to add these to, and they will immediately appear there! Add photos from another source to same group, just repeat the steps above.

    Sharing via Cooliris groups is tons a fun and saves you time. Play around with it and you’ll discover the amazing ease with which you can now share from any of your sources with those close to you.

    Download Cooliris to begin sharing your photos privately in groups. 

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    Posted on 3rd February 2014

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  • Cooliris and Aibotix fly high to bring world’s first drone photography for private group sharing

    Today, Cooliris announces a partnership with Aibotix, the world’s leading innovator in autonomous aerial vehicles, to bring a brand new consumer sharing experience for drone photography. This partnership opens a new lens for immersive photo experiences and redefines “Selfies from the space”. 

    While drone photography is in early stages of its evolution, the partnership creates a new era in the history of photography. Cooliris will be the first consumer photo application to integrate with drones, enabling consumers to gain a unique perspective in real-time and share the drone-captured photos and videos to private groups on their iPad and iPhone.


    “Cooliris loves to be at the leading edge of customer-centric innovation. We’re excited to partner with Cooliris and introduce their beautiful and fast mobile photo experience to our customers,” said Joerg Lamprecht, Founder and CEO from Aibotix.

    Using Aibotix’s next generation multicopter, which has a built-in camera mount, and Cooliris Groups, consumers will be able to capture otherwise inaccessible aerial angles of landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon, or close-up action shots of surfing, skiing and other immersive activities, and share them with private groups of friends as the moment unfolds in real-time.

    “Drone photography just got a higher dimension with the partnership of Aibotix and Cooliris,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO and co-founder. “What we will bring is a very accessible and enriched way for the everyday consumer to capture and privately share amazing aerial photos and videos with their close groups of friends.”

    Consumers would also be able to use the Aibot X6 to easily capture photos at a party, an event or even a recreational activity, instead of being preoccupied with taking photos themselves and missing the action. With the private Cooliris group experience, the photos could be automatically shared into private groups so that those not in attendance would be able to gain a shared experience of the event and feel as if they were there. 

    Join in the action and download the new Cooliris here.

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    Posted on 12th January 2014

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  • The New Cooliris, now with groups and a lot more

    Just in time for the holiday season, we’re excited to announce the brand new version of Cooliris, now available for you in the iTunes App Store.

    This is one our biggest updates yet. Easier private messaging for groups, faster access to your camera, slideshow mode, deep integration with Sina Weibo, and more—it’s all in there.


    The new Cooliris makes it super easy for you to share photos and private messages with groups of friends and family, create your own personal collection of photos, and save photos from one source to another, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can now access your camera and start a new group virtually from anywhere in the app, making it a breeze to share on the go. Just tap the profile of any friend from an existing conversation or even select multiple new members from your contact list to add them to a group. It’s hassle-free private sharing.

    To expand the vast collection of sources from which you can browse, we’ve also partnered with Sina Weibo, China’s microblogging platform akin to Twitter, with over 500 million user and counting. You can endlessly discover new content from Sina Weibo by tapping any username in the metadata panel, pivot to new walls of content from different users, and even follow people, all from within the app.


    Finally, you’ll love our new clean, modern look and feel of the home screen, which even lets you personalize your browsing experience with a customizable background. What’s more, our new slideshow mode allows you to play any of your photos from any source in our signature 3D wall. Sit back and enjoy your favorite photos without moving a finger.

    With the new Cooliris, you can now access your photos from 20 photo sources, share them privately or publicly with whomever you want, whenever you want. Check out Cooliris for yourself.

    For our users in Japan, Cooliris is also now available in Japanese in the Japan app Store.

    Our app works on iPhone and iPad, and is free to download in the iTunes App Store.

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    Posted on 2nd December 2013

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  • Cooliris CEO Soujanya Bhumkar to speak at the inaugural TechCrunch Shanghai

    Our CEO Soujanya Bhumkar will be speaking at TechCrunch’s inaugural “The Red Web” event in Shanghai today, November 19. Soujanya will participate in a roundtable forum aimed at helping Chinese companies build up their brand in the international market.

    Cooliris has a unique experience in growing our brand internationally, with over a third of our app users located in Asia. Soujanya will be sharing his insight about what it takes to grow overseas, and will be joined by other panelists from Strikingly, World Startup Report, and Dolphin Browser.

    In August, TechCrunch collaborated with TechNode, a popular Chinese high tech blog, to launch their China edition. In this week’s “The Red Web” event, TechCrunch is bringing together investors, leading entrepreneurs, and other professionals in the region.

    November has been a really exciting month for us so far. Soujanya served as one of the keynote speakers at MobCon in Minneapolis and has partaken in SYNC 2013. And just last week, we had the honor of hosting a vigorous discussion panel about trends in the mobile tech industry with the Chicago Booth School of Business at our HQ in Palo Alto.

    If you are attending TechCrunch Shanghai come by the panel on November 19, 2013 at 4:40PM (Beijing Time) for a first hand experience. TechCrunch Shanghai ( runs November 19-20 at SIFC, #2866 Yangshupu Rd, Yangpu District. 

    For all those who will not be attending you can watch him live here

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    Posted on 18th November 2013

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  • Cooliris CEO Soujanya Bhumkar to Speak at MobCon 2013 and SYNC 2013

    We are excited to let you know that our very own CEO and co-founder, Soujanya Bhumkar, will be delivering a keynote speech at MobCon 2013 in Minneapolis this coming Friday, November 8. MobCon is a premier mobile conference for executives and professionals in the information technology and mobile business space. As a keynote speaker, Soujanya will join executives from Google, XRS, and Appian.

    Focusing on the insight that “pixels are the new decibels”, Soujanya will talk about how Cooliris is leading the convergence between communication and media in a world of sharing. We are innovating fast by connecting multiple fragmented sources of photos into one unified beautiful experience and enabling frictionless communication through groups around that media.

    We are proud of the international success Cooliris has experienced, such as reaching the #1 spot among iPad apps in over 75 countries and having connected over 3 billion photos through iOS. Drawing upon this and other success stories, Soujanya be sharing his insight and knowledge at MobCon.

    Additionally, Soujanya will be partaking in the Fireside Chat at SYNC 2013 on Saturday in San Francisco. SYNC is PingWest’s annual flagship conference that focuses on building smarter and more disruptive startups. Soujanya has been invited to chat with PingWest Editor-in-Chief Thomas Luo to talk about how Silicon Valley apps are going global. Register now for the events below to get a chance to catch up with Soujanya and the Cooliris team.

    Hope to see you there!

    MobCon ( runs Nov. 7-8, 2013, at the Hilton Minneapolis. SYNC 2013 ( runs Nov. 9, 2013, at the Ferry Plaza, San Francisco.

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    Posted on 6th November 2013

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  • How we celebrated Halloween at Cooliris HQ

    It was a fun day at work here at the Cooliris headquarters. Everyone got in the spirit and put on creative costumes to celebrate the spooky holiday. From pharaohs to skeletons to pirates, the office was abuzz with different characters. 

    The Cooliris team got to enjoy two full days of Halloween excitement beginning first with a team trip to Great America and then a Halloween filled day at the office.Testing definitely became more fun when you looked across the table at a team-mate in spooky gear! 

    The team made sure to dress their best since the prize for the best costume was the winner got to choose the lunch menu for the next week. There were certainly a lot of creative costumes around the office. Barney visited the office along with the Flinstone gals. Pharoahs came back to the future and “Internet Explorer” made a come back too. Some of the best included Jenny as Little Red Riding Hood and Maria as Day of the Dead Skeleton, with some awesome make-up which she did herself.

    The costumes were so good that we were even featured in Venture Beat

    Spooks and ghouls could not have had as much as we did. In the end, the best dressed award went to Aaron with his amazing SWAT team outfit. He shocked the whole office with his new look. A great day that gave us a chance to take loads of photos and seamlessly share them with each other via Cooliris, as the day went by. We wrapped up the day laughing at all the photos as we viewed them in our 3D wall. 

    Hope everyone else had wonderful Halloween and had as much fun as we did! Don’t forget to share all your Halloween photos via Cooliris

    Happy Halloween from the Cooliris Team!

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    Posted on 1st November 2013

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