It’s your complete media hub: Cooliris adds Evernote, Tencent, Tumblr, Yandex.Disk, SkyDrive, and more

Our brand new release available today on the iTunes App Store makes Cooliris your complete media hub for photo discovery and sharing. It’s one of our biggest updates to date, and our team is super excited about it.

Today, we’re introducing some cool features and sources, and bringing an enhanced experience to users worldwide.

Cooliris has partnered with Evernote, and has added Tumblr and SkyDrive as new photo sources. With this release, we’re also announcing a new international partnership with Tencent, China’s largest and most used internet service portal, and an expanded partnership with Yandex, Russia’s leading internet search provider and technology developer. These partnerships bring global scale and localized experiences.


Altogether, Cooliris now lets you conveniently discover and share photos from over 20 major photo sources, all in a single app:

  • Your iPad and iPhone libraries
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
  • Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Evernote
  • Tencent Weibo, Renren, Yandex.Fotki, Yandex.Disk
  • Google Image Search, Yandex Image Search
  • And, of course, photos from your friends using Cooliris

New Features for 2.7

To create a sublime and personal photo experience for you, we have added a host of other new features:

  • Customize your home screen to include only the sources that matter most to you.
  • Endlessly discover new photos in Instagram and Facebook by searching hashtags and tapping on usernames.
  • Enjoy your Facebook photos even more with the ability to like and add captions to photos you share to Facebook, all without leaving the Cooliris app.


We hope you find our new Cooliris app to be the “one-stop app” for all of your photos. Our goal is to give you the best experience for connecting, discovering and selectively sharing the photos you want, from any of the sources you use, to the people you care about, all while personalizing the experience for you.

So what are you waiting for? Download the new version from the iTunes App Store for free.

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Posted on 9th July 2013

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  • “Cooliris: My Little Helper for Organizing Photos”: A user review of Cooliris

    Nothing is more inspirational and humbling than reviews posted by our users. Frieda Chung, a Taiwanese user of Cooliris, recently published her experience using Cooliris on her own blog. We are so grateful for her thoughts that we wanted to share them with you.

    Here is an excerpt from Frieda’s blog post (translated from the original Chinese version):

    There’s a classic quote from the movie Taipei Exchanges: If you had money, would you study or tour the world? My answer is to do both. From 2007 to 2010, I went and got a Master’s degree, lived in three different cities, toured more than thirty countries, and took tens of thousands of photos.

    I was super busy. On any given day, if wasn’t spending hours doing homework, I was preparing my next travel plans. As such, records my travels, such as photos taken at the time, would pile up in Picasa and only be categorized by date, or they’d be shared on Facebook with timestamps. By the end of three years, I had 2 Picasa accounts, 187 albums, and another 100 albums on Facebook.

    Recently, I’ve been thinking how to sort through those messy photo albums and take out the best photos for my blog. This is when I found out about Cooliris. Cooliris integrates various photo sources, and it allows me to find and switch between different albums, all in one place. Besides, the intuitive, browsable photo wall makes it so easy to find pictures.

    For example, I recently needed photos for my new article “Isle of Man”. All the photos were spread across eight different albums on Picasa and Facebook. Cooliris not only helped me collect those photos all in one place but juggle around different web pages. Its intuitive interface allows me to browse photos located in different albums.

    Besides browsing photos, organizing photos easily is also super important. For that, I would like to give huge credit to the Conversations feature found in Cooliris. This feature not only lets you share photos with your friends but can also serve as simple photo organizer.

    When I was writing this article, I created a conversation named “Isle of Man”, and shared it with myself. After that, I went to Picasa and Facebook, picked out photos, and shared them to the “Isle of Man” conversation. After sharing my selected photos to the conversation, I went back to my laptop, opened my email, and received the invitation to view the conversation. I was able to view all my chosen photos, download them all through the platform, and then post them to my blog. Done!

    I wish more of my friends were using Cooliris as it is would be so convenient to collect and view my friends’ travel photos as well. Join me on Cooliris!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thank you, Frieda, for such a lovely review. We really appreciate it.

    We would love to hear more from our users. If you would to share your personal reviews about Cooliris, please email your story to

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    Posted on 13th June 2013

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  • A Cooliris Tour of Instagram Photos: Tips & Tricks

    Tired of scrolling through hundreds of Instagram pictures to find that one photo you’re looking for? Catch yourself squinting, taking screenshots, and making awkward crops to save the image you came across? Well, you can say goodbye to these hassles with Cooliris.

    With the Cooliris app, speed through those endless Instagram feeds on a cascading 3D photo wall, and save and share any image with just a couple swipes and taps.

    Here are a few simple steps and tips that will make browsing Instagram photos unlike anything you experienced before.

    Get started

    Step 1: Open the Cooliris app and tap the Instagram icon.


    Step 2: Tap the “Sign In to Instagram” button to go right into your Instagram account. After logging in, photos from your feed will automagically display.


    Step 3: To see other photos from Instagram, tap the drop-down menu at the top. There, you can easily access your own Instagram photos, the popular photos page, and even view the profiles and photos of all your followers and those of whom you’re following. You can even browse the profiles of users on the popular page by simply tapping on their user ID.


    Now for the extra fun stuff

    Continue with the following tricks to extend your discovery of Instagram photos within Cooliris.

    4. Tap any photo to instantly enlarge it. Double tap again and it will fill your entire screen. At the bottom of the screen, tap the share icon, and you’ll find the various ways to share and save in Cooliris.


    5. Want to see photos from Instagram followers, followers of those followers, and so on and so on? Just tap their profile names as you browse along. Your photo discovery in Cooliris is endless. 


    6. How about selecting as many photos as you want from any Instagram source and sharing them with friends? Go ahead, pick photos from your newsfeed, another user’s profile, or even your very own. You can share these photos via Facebook or even better via private group conversations within Cooliris.


    7. Finally, know you can view likes and captions of any photo you come across in Instagram by simply tapping any photo.


    With these tips and tricks in hand, you’re now fully equipped to browse and share an infinite number of photos from Instagram as fast and beautifully as a cheetah can dash across a Serengeti plain.

    Whether you enjoy applying cool filters to the little moments you’ve captured, or just surfing through others’ squares of art, Cooliris makes your photo sharing and browsing experience more seamless and enjoyable than ever. Give it a try and enjoy endless discovery of Instagram photos in Cooliris.

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    Posted on 5th June 2013

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  • 5 ways to use Cooliris during your travels this summer

    With the mercury rising and school days winding down, summer is just around the corner. Whether you’ve got a big vacation planned or just doing short trips to the beach or the city, your camera is like an awesome travel mate who helps create an album of memories for you to cherish forever.

    Traveling light? You can take advantage of the camera on your iPhone or iPad instead of carrying heavy digital camera equipment, memory cards and cables for connecting to your laptop. As a bonus, you can share pictures instantly, too.


    All you need to do is enjoy taking photos. Cooliris handles the rest for you.

    1. View your photos in our 3D wall while enjoying your vacation

    As you relax in your hotel room, see all the photos you took from your full day of sightseeing, in a swift and easy manner. With one tap, all your beautiful vacation photos will display on the fluid 3D Wall in Cooliris. You’ll heighten your sensory experience just by viewing your photos in this beautiful, fluid viewing environment.

    If you’ve posted photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter while sightseeing, you can view those on your Cooliris wall as well. Cooliris aggregates all your photos in one place, making sure no precious moments are lost.

    2. Share multiple photos on the go

    With a standalone digital camera, you have to wait to get back to your hotel room, connect your camera to your laptop, and download your photos, all in order to share photos with your friends. With your iPhone or iPad, you can simply start a group conversation within the Cooliris app.

    From the comfort of your beach lounger, you can choose which photos you want to share with your friends and begin a private conversation. Easily send as many photos as you want and let your friends know how much you’re enjoying your vacation.

    3. See what your friends are doing

    Want to see what the rest of your friends are up to? You can see their Facebook and Instagram photos via Cooliris. See the vacation spots they are visiting or what cuisine they are enjoying, all in one place through the Cooliris app.

    4. Save photos for later

    There are always certain photos that you want to save for later, either to print or to use on your laptop. With Cooliris you can save your vacation photos to Dropbox or Google Drive, and access them anywhere, anytime. Cooliris makes sure no photo frame in your house ever stays empty.

    5. Share photos on Facebook directly from Cooliris

    While viewing your photos on the Cooliris 3D Wall, imagine you spot a photo that you want to share on Facebook.  Know you can share it directly on Facebook from Cooliris in no time, rather than going out of the app. Cooliris saves you the hassle and time, so you can you can go back to enjoying the rest of your photos and sipping your drink.

    Happy travels this summer and do not forget to take Cooliris with you.

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    Posted on 31st May 2013

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  • How viewing photos can help reduce stress: An interview with Danielle Hark

    The Cooliris experience is all about viewing all your photos in the beautiful and fluid display of our stunning 3D wall. So when we heard about the work Danielle Hark promotes, we just knew we had to interview her for our blog. A mental health advocate, Danielle has written extensively for the Huffington Post about how taking and viewing beautiful photos can help deal with mental illnesses.

    According to Danielle, art therapy is a valuable tool for emotional well-being. Taking and viewing photos can help you de-stress, relax and take your mind off thoughts that cause anxiety.

    In our second in the series of interviews, we asked Danielle how viewing photos on a beautiful display on your smartphone or tablets can reduce stress in your life. Here is an excerpt from the interview.   

    Viewing media on smartphones is increasing rapidly. People of all age groups are joining the bandwagon, even young toddlers. How do you think this affects the mental well-being of these smartphone users?

    I think photography can be a helpful tool for people of all ages who are experiencing mental health issues. Viewing photos can be a hopeful reminder of positive times and memories, which can be inspiring for people who are in dark places. Photos can also create the feeling of a calming oasis even for someone in a stressful situation. On a personal note, I have found that phone photos and videos can calm my toddler at times. She especially loves scrolling through photos on my iPhone, and pointing out vacations, family members, and her friends. I don’t let her play with it all the time, but when I do, it inevitably makes her smile.

    Do you think the way photos are presented on smartphones can have a positive impact on the mind or be inspirational?

    Photos that are viewed in a beautiful fluid display can have a positive impact on mental health. Photos can be used to help people de-stress. One way to do that is by uploading nature photos, and meditating while viewing them. With smartphones, this type of meditation is possible anywhere, even in a bathroom or your car.

    How much of an influence does mobile photography have on your daily life? Has it altered your need for a digital camera?

    I love taking photos, whether that is with my iPhone, my digital SLR, or even a toy camera, I simply love it. The iPhone has made it easier to take photos every day because it is always with me. I still bring my big camera with me if I am going somewhere fun or to an event, but my iPhone will be there too. The benefit of photography goes beyond the quality of the finished product, so the camera is secondary. It is really about the process of taking the photos and viewing them. For me, photography is a creative outlet, a way to express what is going on inside of me. Sometimes it helps me to be more present in a situation, while other times it can help me escape. Unless I am shooting for a professional job, a smartphone will often do the trick.  


    Danielle Hark is a wellness writer, professional photographer, and freelance photo editor. She is also a mental health advocate, and founder of, the online photography gallery for people living with, or affected by, mental illness. As someone who has struggled with mental health issues, her mission is to help as many other people who are struggling, using photography and creativity whenever possible.  

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    Posted on 17th May 2013

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  • Tips for beautiful food photography: An interview with Nicole Cook

    You already know Cooliris strives to create a beautiful visual experience every time you browse photos on your iPad and iPhone. But in order to get the most sublime experience, it makes sense the photos themselves should be beautiful and expressive, too.

    To help you take the best photos, the Cooliris team is interviewing people who use photography in their daily lives and whose advice can help build your photography skills.

    First in our interview series is the famous food blogger Nicole Cook. Her blog Daily Dish Recipes attracts thousands of people interested in recipes, stunning food photos, menu planning, and even growing your own food. With over 20 years of web experience, Nicole shares her tips on how to photograph food in a way that delivers the best visual experience for all your senses.


    Food styling and composition are essential when taking photos for a food blog. What tips would you consider the most useful for improving the quality of food photos?

    For starters, use natural light whenever possible. It will keep you from needing to do too much editing. Also, Adobe Lightroom is the best editing program out there. Period. With styling, remember that less is more. Sometimes just the food item in the photo can look gorgeous all by itself. Also stay away from distracting backgrounds, colors and other things that can detract from the food itself. Use ingredients as food props too. They are simple and help to “show” the recipe.

    Do you feel photos are able to capture and convey the real essence of your recipes, from their aromas to their flavors?

    I do think it is possible to create an emotion in a photograph that conveys the aroma or flavor of a recipe. However, I don’t see photography like that very often. I am still definitely learning how to make that come to life in the photograph.

    How many shots does it take you, on the average, to get the one perfect shot that you’re looking for?

    I usually shoot anywhere from 5-10 photographs at any one session of any one food item. Obviously some recipes require more. Often they are the same shot multiple times with slight movement or with a background change.

    According to you what would you consider to be the best lighting and ambiance for food photography?

    Natural lighting, absolutely. Cloudy days are my very favorite and when I know we are expecting major cloud coverage, I am often in the kitchen baking and cooking that whole day to take advantage of it.

    Which image would you consider to be your best shot? What is the story behind it?

    I’m not really sure if I have a “best shot” or which one it would be. I do have one that I really love. (I attached it—titled Blood Orange Marmalade). The story behind it: I was asked to review a cookbook and make a recipe for my blog. I was reviewing the cookbook with several better-than-me-at-photography bloggers. At the time, I did not have a lot of props or backgrounds, so I was frustrated because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to match their photography level or make the recipe look good. I took my own advice and went with the less is more thing, simply showing the jar of marmalade with a spoon, used all natural lighting on a slightly cloudy day and I actually just used a simple rustic piece of wood as the background. I love that photograph. I don’t know if it’s my best shot, but it’s certainly my favorite photograph.


    What are your most and least favorite types of food to photograph?

    Casseroles and anything out of the crock pot are my least favorable things to photograph. It is difficult to make those types of recipes look pleasant or appealing. I love to photograph salads, fresh foods are easiest and most colorful. Dips are easy, appetizers are easy so it’s fun to style them. I love to photograph drinks and smoothies because they are fun to style and dress up.

    How often do you use a smartphone to take pictures for your food blog?

    I will occasionally include a photo I may have taken for Instagram if there is a reason to. I use a DSLR camera for all my blog photography.

    We, at Cooliris thank Nicole for taking time out to share her tips with us. Watch this space for more interviews coming up soon

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    Posted on 6th May 2013

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  • 10 lessons to become a successful entrepreneur: Wise words from a Silicon Valley CEO

    To become a successful entrepreneur, you need inspiration, motivation, determination, passion, and just as importantly an open mind to consider the pearls of wisdom from industry leaders.

    As more and more industry leaders are reaching out to share insights with people starting their entrepreneurial journeys, it’s a great time to listen, learn, and adapt lessons that can guide you on the right path.

    Cooliris CEO Soujanya Bhumkar is passionate about building great teams and products, which have reached over 100 million users to date. In the slideshow below, Soujanya shares the lessons he’s learned from his own journey in the tech startup world. Take a look now and take a step toward your own success!

    10 lessons to become a successful entrepreneur from CoolirisSlides

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    Posted on 1st May 2013

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  • Cooliris CEO Soujanya Bhumkar to speak at BeLaunch 2013, South Korea

    imageSouth Korea’s largest technology and start-up conference is due to take place from May 1st to 3rd this year. Aptly titled BeLaunch 2013, this conference aims to revolutionize the start-up and technology scene in South Korea. We were honored to receive an invitation to be part of this platform that aims to change the technology ecosystem in South Korea.

    Drawing on a breadth of experience, our CEO, Soujanya Bhumkar will happily share his wealth of knowledge about start-ups with South Korean enthusiasts. He is delighted at the thought of sharing his vision to help other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. He will be speaking on May 2, 2013, day 2 of the conference, on “Disruptive Asian Entrepreneurs – Cracking the Silicon Valley Code.” Some questions that will be covered in the panel discussion are:

    • Why does Silicon Valley attract entrepreneurial talent from all over the world, including Asia?

    • Why should entrepreneurs from Asia consider moving to Silicon Valley?

    • What challenges do Asian entrepreneurs face in the Silicon Valley?

    • How can entrepreneurs get started in the Silicon Valley?  (Best practice examples)

    The conference aims at grooming South Korean tech talent to go global, and also provides a platform for foreign start-ups to enter South Korea. His words are sure to help you if you are looking to gain insight into the start-up scene in the Silicon Valley or are looking to begin your own start-up anywhere in the world.

    If you happen to be in Seoul on May 2, 2013, be sure to attend BeLaunch 2013 and hear our CEO speak. It takes place at COEX, Gangnam, Seoul.

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    Posted on 30th April 2013

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  • Behind the scenes: Office prank on Lucy

    Silly String went on sale last week and the timing could not have been better. Our teammate Lucy had just returned from Germany and it happened to be her birthday to boot. So we just had to surprise her.

    After a slew of secret meetings, we hatched our plan. All that was required were 12 volunteers and a whopping 24 cans of Silly String.

    The idea was simple: Cover her in layers and layers and layers of Silly String as soon as she walked in through the office doors. And that is exactly what we did.

    Once we started spraying, we just couldn’t stop! Take a look yourself:

     Welcome back and happy birthday, Lucy!

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    Posted on 25th April 2013

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  • Randy Komisar on selective sharing and the future of personal media

    With the power to connect with people anywhere and anytime at your fingertips, you face the question of what, how and with whom you want to share. This is especially true when sharing private content like photos. You want to be in control. And that’s exactly where selective sharing plays a pivotal role.

    "Pictures are an important way to capture your passions, and share with them other people," says Randy Komisar, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. “Those people are people who mean something to you, which means they are not everybody….That’s why selectivity is important in sharing.”

    In a recent interview, Komisar talks about the growth of personal media and how it is integrated into our daily lives, and why selective sharing is needed more today then ever.

    According to Komisar, the future of personal media lies in the coming together of media and communications and how we share them.

    Here is an excerpt from the interview:

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    Posted on 24th April 2013

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