Cooliris CEO Soujanya Bhumkar to Speak at MobCon 2013 and SYNC 2013

We are excited to let you know that our very own CEO and co-founder, Soujanya Bhumkar, will be delivering a keynote speech at MobCon 2013 in Minneapolis this coming Friday, November 8. MobCon is a premier mobile conference for executives and professionals in the information technology and mobile business space. As a keynote speaker, Soujanya will join executives from Google, XRS, and Appian.

Focusing on the insight that “pixels are the new decibels”, Soujanya will talk about how Cooliris is leading the convergence between communication and media in a world of sharing. We are innovating fast by connecting multiple fragmented sources of photos into one unified beautiful experience and enabling frictionless communication through groups around that media.

We are proud of the international success Cooliris has experienced, such as reaching the #1 spot among iPad apps in over 75 countries and having connected over 3 billion photos through iOS. Drawing upon this and other success stories, Soujanya be sharing his insight and knowledge at MobCon.

Additionally, Soujanya will be partaking in the Fireside Chat at SYNC 2013 on Saturday in San Francisco. SYNC is PingWest’s annual flagship conference that focuses on building smarter and more disruptive startups. Soujanya has been invited to chat with PingWest Editor-in-Chief Thomas Luo to talk about how Silicon Valley apps are going global. Register now for the events below to get a chance to catch up with Soujanya and the Cooliris team.

Hope to see you there!

MobCon ( runs Nov. 7-8, 2013, at the Hilton Minneapolis. SYNC 2013 ( runs Nov. 9, 2013, at the Ferry Plaza, San Francisco.

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Posted on 6th November 2013

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  • How we celebrated Halloween at Cooliris HQ

    It was a fun day at work here at the Cooliris headquarters. Everyone got in the spirit and put on creative costumes to celebrate the spooky holiday. From pharaohs to skeletons to pirates, the office was abuzz with different characters. 

    The Cooliris team got to enjoy two full days of Halloween excitement beginning first with a team trip to Great America and then a Halloween filled day at the office.Testing definitely became more fun when you looked across the table at a team-mate in spooky gear! 

    The team made sure to dress their best since the prize for the best costume was the winner got to choose the lunch menu for the next week. There were certainly a lot of creative costumes around the office. Barney visited the office along with the Flinstone gals. Pharoahs came back to the future and “Internet Explorer” made a come back too. Some of the best included Jenny as Little Red Riding Hood and Maria as Day of the Dead Skeleton, with some awesome make-up which she did herself.

    The costumes were so good that we were even featured in Venture Beat

    Spooks and ghouls could not have had as much as we did. In the end, the best dressed award went to Aaron with his amazing SWAT team outfit. He shocked the whole office with his new look. A great day that gave us a chance to take loads of photos and seamlessly share them with each other via Cooliris, as the day went by. We wrapped up the day laughing at all the photos as we viewed them in our 3D wall. 

    Hope everyone else had wonderful Halloween and had as much fun as we did! Don’t forget to share all your Halloween photos via Cooliris

    Happy Halloween from the Cooliris Team!

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    Posted on 1st November 2013

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  • Cooliris Demo’s at GMIC Silicon Valley 2013

    GMIC, the largest independent mobile conference in the Silicon Valley, took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week. And as luck had it, we at Cooliris were stoked to have a booth there to chat up with new and old friends from the mobile and tech space.

    Our week started at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, as we left our cozy offices in Palo Alto and headed north through the fog to San Francisco. With a full arsenal of iPads demoing the latest version of our popular Cooliris app, along with various goodies and handouts (see photo below, they are pretty awesome), our booth was a big hit from the get-go, drawing the attention of countless visitors.

    Many conference attendees were naturally already snapping tons of pictures around the conference and the beautiful city center right outside. So, it was no wonder that many found the conversations feature of the Cooliris app indispensable. Our conversations feature enabled attendees to instantaneously share their experience via photos and text with co-workers and friends. Our app’s new slick modern design, which complements iOS 7’s recent redesign, also received sweet feedback.

    The tempo and frenzy at our booth grew as our team and our CEO Soujanya Bhumkar interacted with reporters, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike.

    Needless to say, we had a great time at GMIC, We would like once again to thank everyone who stopped by the Cooliris booth.

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    Posted on 30th October 2013

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  • How to organize photos in Dropbox with Cooliris

    Saving photos from multiple social network accountss to your Dropbox folders is even easier now with Cooliris. You can create new folders in your Dropbox straight from the Cooliris app and even save photos from one Dropbox folder to another for simple photo organization. The best part, you can view all your photos saved in Dropbox in our beautiful 3D wall.

    With Dropbox in Cooliris you continue to enjoy all Dropbox has to offer with extra features only available through the Cooliris app. In Cooliris you can share photos from Dropbox with friends publicly on Facebook or privately through a Cooliris conversation. Once you have synced your Dropbox account to Cooliris you can save, share, and enjoy your Dropbox photos within Cooliris. To save multiple images tap the share button on the top right. Select as many photos as you want and tap the save button to store your images to your camera roll, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    If instead you want to share your images with your friends, tap the share button to share publicly through Facebook or privately by beginning a new conversation.

    In addition to the save and share features available with Dropbox via Cooliris you also are able to browse through your photos on the elegant 3D wall. You can also access all your Dropbox folders from within the app by simply tapping the home button.

    With Dropbox in Cooliris, browsing, organizing, and sharing your Dropbox photos has gotten a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. The latest Cooliris app is available for free on iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Download it here

    Happy photo sharing!

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    Posted on 8th October 2013

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  • Cooliris partners with Baidu: 1st International Developer to integrate Baidu’s API

    A brand new version of Cooliris is now available in the iTunes App Store. This update introduces integration with Baidu, China’s largest web service. With this partnership, Cooliris is the world’s first international developer to be granted access to Baidu’s complete API, providing the large and growing Chinese smartphone market with access to Cooliris’s award-winning 3D wall and a beautiful way to experience their photos.

    The new app enables users to add Baidu MyCloud as a photo source, making images from Baidu’s three different cloud services available for viewing on Cooliris’s signature 3D wall.


    The integration with Baidu will further complete the media experience for Chinese users by bringing photos from their device, social networks and now cloud storage services all in one place, beautifully displayed on the 3D wall, and in their localized language.

    Baidu’s services available for viewing in Cooliris:

    • Pan, a file storage and synchronization service
    • Xiangce, a cloud album
    • Yun, a social networking and identity service


    Previous versions of Cooliris already include popular Chinese services amongst their sources.

    Renren, a Chinese social networking service, enables Cooliris users to view their photos from their camera roll, directly from the feed and explore their friends photos as well. Similarly, Tencent Weibo, the “Twitter” of China can also be explored through Cooliris. Chinese users can view their own photos and those of their followers via Cooliris. They can also browse through different streams of themed content in Tencent Weibo via Cooliris.

    In addition to including Baidu as a new source, our team has been working tirelessly to spruce up the app with a refreshing new look and feel to match Apple’s latest iOS7 update.The user interface has received a makeover, inspired by flat design and resulting in a clean and minimalistic feel. The redesigned layout includes:

    • New logo for a fresh, modern look
    • Brand new background to welcomes you
    • Single pixel lines separate conversations, enhancing clean, fluid look and feel
    • Flattened buttons to provide clean look that matches iOS 7
    • Optimized text kerning and line spacing for easier reading of conversations
    • Display new iOS 7 icon for camera roll
    • Enhanced conversations usability which includes more presence on homepage and allows users to easily save photos directly from conversations view to Camera Roll, Dropbox, and Google Drive, or further re-share to another conversation or post to Facebook


    At Cooliris, we want to give you the photo viewing and sharing experience that’s like no other. We try to bring photos from multiple sources all into one place in a convenient, organised and beautiful way. With the addition of Baidu to the 18 plus major sources already supported, combined with the new design, we are bringing Cooliris one step closer to the world’s most complete media hub.

    Download the new version of Cooliris available for free on iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store here.

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    Posted on 25th September 2013

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  • On Air with Cooliris: CEO Soujanya Bhumkar in the News

    Over the last few weeks, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Channel News Asia aired interviews with our CEO Soujanya Bhumkar.

    In CNBC’s Squawk Box, a popular business news program that regularly checks in with CEOs from up-and-coming companies, news anchor Deirdre Morris chatted with Soujanya about Cooliris’ expansion into the international market, partnering with Russia and China’s social media-giants Yandex, RenRen, and Tencent.

    You can watch the interview here 

    In his interview with Bloomberg TV, Soujanya touched upon how Cooliris caters to the emotional needs of its users. “We solve it for the near and dear ones,” explains Soujanya. It’s about how Cooliris benefits users who want to share to a select few. Bloomberg TV is an international business news channel reaching 310 million homes worldwide.


    Watch the interview here

    When Channel NewsAsia posed the question about how Cooliris plans to make money, Soujanya remarked how it’s all about “leveling up”. Soujanya discussed how free users can “leveled up” their user experience with premium features. Soujanya explains Cooliris’ focus on personal media and how premium features such as video support can become monetized.  Channel NewsAsia is a leading news program that airs in over twenty countries across Asia and the Middle East. 

     Here is a link to the interview

    Keep watching out for Cooliris, and in the meantime enjoy Cooliris. Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, download our free app from the iTunes App Store here

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    Posted on 19th September 2013

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  • Cooliris CEO answers your questions on Reddit’s AMA

    In case you missed it, our CEO Soujanya Bhumkar did an AMA on Reddit. For those who are unfamiliar with AMA, it stands for “Ask Me Anything”, where Reddit users post their questions on the thread in a informal interview setting. Very similar to an interview, but this time its the users that pose all the queries, to which our CEO replied directly. 

    Here is a compilation of the questions and answers we collected from the AMA.

    1. There are millions of apps out there and probably thousands that deal just with pictures and sharing. How difficult was it to enter that market and be as successful as you have been?

    Users loved our desktop app especially the 3D wall. So when we moved to mobile in 2009, users were familiar with us and that made it relatively easier to enter the market.

    2. Maybe this is a strange question, but do you think you would have been able to succeed in that market had you not had an existing customer base?

    Hard to say exactly. I think your “charm” can only carry you so far. The product has to stand on its own feet for getting users to keep using it regularly. 

    3. What advice do you have for startups?

    Honestly, the only advice I have is to stop taking advice from others as it may be generalized and every situation is unique. You are in the trenches and you are closest to the situation. So make sure you get your friends and well-wishers to ask you hard questions rather than seeking advice!

    4. Have you done any of the coding side of your applications? If so where did you learn and any good sources for someone looking to learn? 

    I think my team will tell you that luckily I haven’t done any coding. But I do see some of my business colleagues learning coding on Coursera, Udacity, and Codeacademy.

    5. How passionate are you about photography? Are you the kind of guy who owns a $2,000 DSLR with a bunch of lenses and accessories or just the “Phone Photography” kind of guy?

    I don’t own an expensive DSLR. But I have close friends who are totally into it and I always love the photos they take. In the past they would take a ton of photos and I never saw those photos unless I asked them repeatedly for it. So I capture photos using my phone and really enjoy and appreciate when the DSLR photos flow seamlessly to me, in the 3D wall =).

    6. Do you have any advice for people who only have a year or two of programming experience, but are considering joining or starting a startup a few years down the road? Like languages to learn, types of companies to intern for, or anything like that. Thank you!

    What I saw in the last 5 years was that new platforms and ecosystems like iOS and Android made life easier to focus on the product benefits as much as on the technology itself. So if you are considering starting your own or joining one, pay as much attention to design and user experience as you would for programming.

    7. When are you guys going to release an Android version?

    Android will be out this fall for sure.

    8. How long did it take you guys to make the iOS version?

    The iOS version took about 6 months right from design to development to polish to launch.

    9. How the hell can I get my hair like yours?

    I have no secret for that. Are you telling me I could do a hair commercial some day?

    10. What lesson did you wish you had learned earlier, or has been instrumental in the success you’ve had so far?

    Very early on - in previous startup experience - I had learned that execution needs to kick ass. Idea is probably worth only 5%. And it is the “how” rather than just the what and why that can make your product standout.

    11. What do you think makes the Silicon Valley so special for startups? Why are so many successful startups located there? Is there a different mindset, a different culture or just the fact that other successful startups are there, what pulls people to start their company in the Silicon Valley? What can other regions learn from the valley? 

    It is definitely a mindset. I have had the opportunity to travel to other startup hubs around the world and I can feel the mindset. There is one saying we have at Cooliris and I think it captures the essence of Silicon Valley. 

    Here we say that; “the risk of inaction is greater than the cost of giving your best shot”.

    12. How much will it take for an intern to take the position of CEO at your company?

    We are big believers in meritocracy - so you can totally become a candidate for the position of CEO.

    13. What has been your approach to product development? How do you come up with your product ideas and evaluate whether or not they will be successful? 

    We rely heavily on my co-founder Austin Shoemaker and the team who have the best combo sense of product, design and engineering. Overall the team has a very keen eye for user experience which is unique. Ideas evolve from direct user feedback for the product in the market and blending it with fresh ideas and the execution capabilities of our amazing team. Most importantly we decide how can we get there faster than anyone else and sustain that lead over time.

    14. Hi, I created a Reddit account to ask this question. I have been a fan of Cooliris since the day I saw it in my Firefox, probably 3 years back. You should have guessed my question by now. When will you start, actually re-start your Cooliris add on for Firefox

    Honestly, it’s going to be a while before we can support the Firefox add-on. I am truly thankful for your passion and I mean it. It is difficult to maintain support for the plug-in as we’ve transitioned to mobile and Web platforms. With a ninja team of 18, it is very hard to do justice to two different product initiatives.

    15. What is the hardest part about being a CEO of a start-up company? In other words, what gave you the most trouble in your time as a CEO?

    The hardest part is balancing the present and the future. Over-investment in present can starve the strategic value and over-investment in future creates operational challenges. The balance changes dynamically and is key for success. 

    16. How do I get my VCR to stop blinking 12:00? 

    I never figured that out and I hold the usability guys at these hardware companies responsible for not making it easy for us. In today’s day and age there would be a simple app for that - maybe for 99 cents!

    Hope you enjoyed this transcript of the Reddit AMA!

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    Posted on 15th August 2013

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  • An Intern’s Take on Cooliris

    Hello!  My name’s Conrad.  I was born and raised in Pasadena, California, and am currently a rising Sophomore at Stanford University.  I was given a phenomenal opportunity to join 11 other interns at Cooliris this past summer, which was nothing short of incredible.  Here is a quick recount of my experience as a whole, as well as a highlight of my most memorable project:

    A mere three weeks into my summer internship at Cooliris, I was already starting to feel a newly-found sense of pride in my work.  As soon as my first day began in early June 2013, I realized that the office in the heart of Palo Alto was a special place.  Not only is the Cooliris team fun, caring, and cooperative, but driven, determined, and innovative; these characteristics are outwardly expressed, and immediately began to rub off on me and the intern team.  Furthermore, the office atmosphere holds an element of light-heartedness, as everyone views one another as a co-worker, an ally, and most importantly, a friend.  The interns are given real projects and hard problems to solve, proving to push boundaries of what we thought were our limits.  Fortunately, while was learning, I have never encountered a more uplifting environment, as the undying support flowing from each individual team member to another separates Cooliris from the rest.

    Therefore, when the interns were given the task of creating a video in 24-hours reflecting on what Cooliris meant to me, I only hoped we would be able to convey a small sense of the powerful energy, enthusiasm, and encouraging environment through a 1-minute script.  With this in mind, we decided the most effective method was by letting you know how we feel face to face.  Hopefully through the course of the video, you can feel some of the passion that is embedded in each of the words describing the application, which will be known as the world’s best photo media hub.  With spirited language, a fervent manner, and zealousness in each shot, the eagerness held by each individual in the office to produce something revolutionary is conveyed.

    Hopefully, you had as much fun watching the video as we had creating it.  If there is one thing I am sure of moving forward, it’s that Cooliris is, without a doubt, the next big thing.  Not necessarily because of its always expanding features and extensive photo integration, but the people behind the scenes who take pride in their work, just like I learned to do after a couple of days working next to them.

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    Posted on 31st July 2013

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  • Yandex.Disk & Yandex.Images in Cooliris: More Photos for You

    Riding on our hugely successful integration with Yandex.Fotki, Russia’s photo service akin to Flickr, we’re excited to welcome Yandex.Disk and Yandex.Images into the family of 20+ photos sources available within the Cooliris app.

    Our latest release of the Cooliris app, now available on the iTunes App Store, lets you browse and share personal photos stored on Yandex.Disk, as well as search public photos from Yandex.Images.

    Touted as Russia’s leading free cloud storage service, Yandex.Disk can be easily accessed through Cooliris. Simply log into your Yandex.Disk account via Cooliris to add it to your Cooliris home screen. Then tap the Yandex.Disk icon to view all your photos on our fluid 3D wall display.


    If you’d like, you can share your Yandex photos to Facebook or with friends in a private conversation, or save them to your Camera Roll, Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s as easy as tapping the share icon displayed on your photo of interest.

    Searching for the perfect photo? The new Cooliris app makes your job easier with the addition of Russia’s largest search engine Yandex.Images.


    Our built-in image search feature now lets you choose to search Yandex.Images, in addition to Google Images. Just toggle Yandex.Images from the drop-down menu and type in your search term. In a split second, our 3D wall will appear with your images. Browse them, and then share or save the ones you like. The world is your oyster.

    Let Cooliris be your personal media hub for photo discovery and sharing. With the inclusion of these two Yandex sources, in addition to SkyDrive, Tumblr, Evernote and a host of other photo sources, there’s no other app like Cooliris that makes it so convenient and friendly to access and share your photos all in one place.

    If you haven’t already done so, get the free Cooliris app for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store now. Enjoy!

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    Posted on 11th July 2013

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  • How to use Evernote with Cooliris

    Keeping in line with our promise to put all your photos in one place, we have now added Evernote to our growing list of sources accessible from the Cooliris app. The most popular way to remember everything big and small, your Evernote account can now be accessed via Cooliris.


    To get started, just connect your Evernote account through the Cooliris app by tapping the [+] icon on the homepage and selecting Evernote. Once successfully logged in, all your photos saved in your Evernote notes and notebooks will be available for you to enjoy. 

    Browsing your Evernote photos is really simple. You can access your photos though any one of the following three ways:

    • Search for the name of the image
    • Look up the name of the notebook that includes your photos
    • Find text or handwriting in your images using Evernote’s text recognition search feature


    And that’s not all. You can also access your photos saved in your notebooks from other apps including Evernote Food. This way all your photos will be available at the click of a button and searching them has never been easier.

    With the Cooliris app, you can share your Evernote photos directly to Facebook or, for more private viewing, send them to a group of friends or anyone in your family via Cooliris conversations. Start a conversation around your Evernote photos or send your saved recipes to your friends. 


    We’ve made it easy to transfer photos across multiple services. Back up your Evernote photos to Dropbox, or Google Drive as you wish, all through Cooliris. 

    With Evernote in Cooliris, browsing and organising your Evernote photos is a whole new experience. The latest Cooliris app is available for free on iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store.

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    Posted on 10th July 2013

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