#LetsBeamIt: A stunning new sharing experience to express your creative side

Be it food, fashion, celebrations, or your newest hairdo, BeamIt by Cooliris lets you share it all with your own select groups of fellow fashionistas, party-goers, friends, or family. Our new visual messaging app combines text and photos in a unique, beautiful way, so you can share hundreds of your favorite clothes and accessories with your friends all at one time, without ever interrupting the flow of the conversation.


Can’t decide on which shoes to buy for your big weekend event? BeamIt’s comment and “like” features allow all your friends to give their input and expertise on which pair will look best on you. Your fashion dilemmas will never again go unsolved!


BeamIt also offers the photo wall, a special photo interface to view every photo that your group has shared, all in one convenient place. That way, you can browse through all the group’s pics of the trendiest dress styles and newest pairs of heels without ever having to scroll through all the comments and text. With BeamIt’s private groups, you control exactly who sees your photos, and you can even share pictures of the exquisite Michael Kors rose gold watch or gorgeous Chanel bag you just purchased to multiple different groups at once!


Worried that you won’t get to post pictures of your latest shopping finds from the mall because of the poor internet connection? No worries! BeamIt also features a full offline experience, so you can add content while offline, and the app will automatically post it once internet access is available. This means you can post pictures of the gorgeous floral romper, risque cocktail dress, and sequined evening gown you just picked up in the store and head to the nearest cafe with internet reception to view your friends’ opinions, straight from the mall’s food court!   

BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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Posted on 17th July 2014

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  • #BeamItTips Part 2: Photo Drawers and Profile Icons

    And we’re back for round two! For the next item on our list of BeamIt tips and tricks, we’d like to talk about some unique and easy-to-use features that are accessible through BeamIt.

    Photo Drawers

    Say you want to share 20, 50 or even hundreds of photos at once. With old messaging apps, you’d have to share photos individually as isolated, one-by-one posts, which disrupts the flow of the conversation. But with BeamIt, sending hundreds of high quality photos is super easy! Using BeamIt’s Photo Drawer feature, you can send and view lots of photos at once, all in full resolution, and they fit beautifully in the context of your conversation.

    To open a Photo Drawer, all you have to do is swipe left on a group of photos and you’ll be able to browse through them in a beautiful wall. The wall of photos will appear within the group message, so you can scroll through all the stunning, full-res photos while chatting about them in the conversation!


    Profile Icons

    What else did we integrate to make your BeamIt experience even smoother? Well, throughout any BeamIt group conversation, each member of the group is represented by a circular icon. By tapping any one of these user icons, you’ll be able to see and even jump to all of the shared groups that you and that person have in common. After tapping a group member’s icon, you also have the quick option to begin a new conversation with that user. We hope that these nifty shortcuts will make your messaging life just that much easier!


    We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of our #BeamItTips. Stay tuned for more cool tips!

    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 11th July 2014

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  • #LetsBeamIt: A stunning communication experience for people on the road

    No matter where you are in the world, be it deep in the woods, up in the mountains, or out in the canyons - using our new app BeamIt lets you share your experiences privately with your groups of fellow adventurers, friends, or family. Unlike other messaging apps, where you usually share only a handful of photos at a time, with the unique interface we’ve created in BeamIt you can share an unlimited number of breathtaking high resolution photos without having to worry about “clogging” the conversation.


    Another really cool feature is the Photo Wall, which is a special photo centric interface where you can browse the entire group’s photos separately in one place.


    Lastly, BeamIt also features a full offline experience, so even while offline you can add content that the app will automatically sync once it’s online. This is very useful for all you jetlagged travelers out there getting on and off long flights and going online and offline intermittently.  

    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 11th July 2014

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  • #LetsBeamIt: A new private sharing experience for families!


    Gone are the days when Mom had to worry about photo privacy, constantly wondering who exactly and how many people could see the photos she posted to Facebook. Luckily, BeamIt by Cooliris is finally here with the solution! Our new private messaging app combines a stunning photo sharing experience with fun and easy messaging features. While BeamIt retains many of the classic and favorite social networking features such as the ability to comment & “like”, you never have to actually log in to any social network. The app is designed strictly for private groups that you create yourself. This means you control exactly who sees your photos, so you can share pictures of the family securely and even to multiple different groups at once!


    Whether you want to share hundreds of photos from a family vacation or just a few from another day at the park with your kids, BeamIt is the perfect place to do it. With BeamIt’s Photo Drawers, you can easily share hundreds of photos in one upload, all in full resolution, without interrupting the flow of the conversation.


    Finally, Mom can share and comment those funny bathtub photos of her kids without the whole world having to see them! :)

    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 10th July 2014

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  • #BeamItTips Part 1: Liking, Commenting, and Unsend Finally Brought to Private Messaging

    A huge thanks to all of the users and supporters of BeamIt, our newly-released visual messaging app! To make your use of BeamIt as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we want to share some quick tips and tricks to help you out with a few of BeamIt’s key features. This week, we’d like to explain how BeamIt allows you to quickly share your reactions in direct response to photos and messages within a private group and how to unsend a post that you shared.


    Liking and commenting – finally here in a messaging app!

    With BeamIt, you can like or comment on a text or photo your friend shared with you. All you have to do is tap and hold on that photo or text and then choose either the “like” or “comment” button when the list of options pops up. It’s that easy! You can even comment on a comment by pressing down on the original comment and writing your response.

    Unsend your post

    What happens when you accidentally share an embarrassing photo or send a message that wasn’t meant for the group to see? No worries! You can easily unsend it by tapping and holding and then choosing the “delete” option. The photo or text will then disappear from everyone’s view immediately!

    We hope you will enjoy these fun yet simple new features that BeamIt has brought to the world of private messaging and photo sharing. Go try them out!


    BeamIt is available for free on iTunes. Web app and Android version are in the works - sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 3rd July 2014

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  • We’re proud to present: BeamIt, the next-gen Visual Messaging app


    We set out on a journey to give our users a powerful private messaging experience with the best photo sharing possible. We knew that there were many unmet needs in the messaging field and started looking for the best solutions.

    There is a constant accelerating user demand for more privacy and control of personal communications and media. BeamIt finally satisfies that need, without sacrificing quality. And now its live in the App Store.

    We know that sharing photos has become a very important feature in messaging apps, but still today’s sharing functionality is inflexible, bland and bloated. Photos are only treated as isolated attachments instead of being a real part of your story. BeamIt allows you to share your visual story in a vivid, powerful and private way.

    We wanted a user interface that wows you, so we seamlessly combined photos and text in a stunning interface and delivered a bunch of features new to the messaging and media-sharing world:

    - Unique Photo Drawers™and simultaneous multi-sharing of content to various groups

    - Like and comment on photos and messages within the thread

    - Unsend any message or photo you posted accidentally to any group

    - Offline support for composing and curating 

    More on these features in the days to come.

    Let’s BeamIt now and download the app on the iTunes Store and beamitapp.com.

    If you have feedback after playing with BeamIt, drop us a line at team@beamitapp.com.

    PS. We are working on a Web and Android version too that will come soon. Sign up here to stay updated on the releases!

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    Posted on 26th June 2014

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  • Today, we celebrated the Android launch!

    One of our team members made two cakes especially for this event - one had a little Android on it, and the other had the Cooliris app icon. They were delicious!


    We’re so excited that Cooliris is now available for Android phones. Now, Android users can easily browse through 16 different media sources, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through our beautiful 3D wall!

    For the Android users who haven’t gotten the app yet, you can download it for free on Google Play http://on.cooliris.com/1koQZaG. And if you like the app, don’t forget to rate it!

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    Posted on 9th May 2014

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  • What an exciting day - we’re introducing the Cooliris app for Android phones!


    We’re so proud to announce the highly-anticipated launch of Cooliris for Android. While our iOS users already connected over 4 billion photos with Cooliris, the Android version was the number one feedback we got from user requests.

    Now, with today’s release, users on Android will also be able to personalize their media hub in Cooliris!

    Bring all your photo sources at one fingertip! Have 16 different media sources, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Dropbox, in one place and easily browse through the beautiful 3D wall. Last, but not least you can also selectively share your photos with the default sharing panel!!

    Check it out! It’s free here!

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    Posted on 1st May 2014

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  • April Fools’ – The Cooliris way!

    Today is April Fools’ Day and as you should know by now, we at Cooliris never let a holiday go by without commemorating it! Instead of celebrating April 1st with pranks like foiling each other’s desk or putting tacks on office chairs (so mean!), we decided to put our spin on April Fool’s and make today about something positive. 

    We tied balloons attached with positive, inspirational quotes to everyone’s desk! Everyone smiled about the pleasant surprise when they came into the office and the outcome of our April Fools’ was fun and happy. 

    Happy April 1st from all of us here at Cooliris. Hope your day is filled with laughter!


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    Posted on 1st April 2014

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  • Cooliris at the Color Run

    Last weekend, some of us participated in the Color Run in San Francisco.

    The Color Run, also known as “the Happiest 5K on the Planet”, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Given how amazing that sounds, we immediately decided to set up our own team, named “CoolRunnings”, inspired by the eponymous movie.

    Bright and early at 7:30am, we met each other at the starting line, armed with colored headbands, “happy-tattoos” and white shirts – ready to run the happiest 5k ever! Once the start signal sounded off with the DJ counting down, the energy was amazing and we couldn’t stop smiling.

    At different stations along the course, every runner was blasted with colored powder, so at the end our originally pristine white shirts were beautifully colored. Our faces, arms and legs were also covered with blue, green, orange, pink and purple powder. It was a (literally) colorful experience!

    When we crossed the finish line, we were greeted by a giant party where all the runners danced together and threw bags of colored powder in the air - it was a truly unique and fun experience that we can’t wait to take part in again!


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    Posted on 20th March 2014

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